Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Do you know why you were in timeout?"

There are a few things that Kevin is not to touch/do or he gets a timeout. Touch the computer, touch the copier, and play in Cassie's water bowl (I have Pergo floors and they will warp if water stays on them for any length of time). He knows he is not to do these things.

I walked into the dining room and found him jerking away from the water bowl because he heard me coming. A huge puddle was on the floor. I said, as he was leaving little wet footprints across the floor, "That's it. Get in timeout." He walked over to the couch to sit on it while I turned off the video and removed his toys. I make a point of looking at my watch. He watches me. I walk away to leave him alone to ponder the error of his ways. I periodically peek in at him. Still sitting there. Good. Two minutes are up and I go back in to him. I put my arms out and he reaches up to me. I pick him up and, while holding him, say, "Do you know why you were in timeout?" He says, "No." I'm thinking to myself, "Oh, bullshit." I say out loud, "You know you're not supposed to bmrpchokdfjgh." That gibberish was because he chose that moment to lean in and give me a kiss.

The ladies better watch out for my little charmer...He's going to be deadly.


Trish said...

Best post EVAH! Oh....maybe not. I'm still peeing my pants over the 'collapsing in the grocery store'. Not that it was in any way funny for you but your recount was hysterical!

Kylie's Mommy said...

Such a sweet boy kissing his Momma..

cesbloom said...

Way too clever and way too cute - love it!! Sheri

Samantha- Mama to Julian said...

lesson learned?

Rhonda said...

That is way tooooo cute!!!! That kissing thing always works!