Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not broken

Good news! I can move my finger today so it's not broken, just badly bruised.
Not much else to say that is not Wii related, so here's some pics of Kevin...
He loves this Bonvie in a Box (hockey)!

Trying to wake his "Noni" (Roni) up...
"Put that camera down and pick me up!"

The next series is outtakes of trying to get him to smile and keep his eyes open:

And finally!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's not for whimps!

I just can't believe it. Seriously. I've read about Wii injuries and inwardly snickered to myself. How could anyone get so wrapped up in a video game that they hurt themselves or someone else? Pu-lease!


I received my Wii today and, honestly, the only reason I've torn myself away from it for awhile is because I have become a casualty of the Wii injury.

There I was, minding my own business while doing the bowling game, of all things, when it happened. I was really getting into it and getting better with each game. I was actually marveling at the fact that I could tell I am going to be sore tomorrow. The next thing I knew, I thwacked my ring finger off the underside of the coffee table. The pain was excruciating and I felt the world slipping away from me. It was the kind of pain where you can't even yell out. I started to black out and laid down on the floor while nausea climbed into my throat. Usually when I have this physical reaction something is broken and I believe it may be the case in this situation, also. The finger is swollen from the first knuckle to the tip and looks like it may be an entirely different color soon. I have it taped right now to stabilize it because, naturally, I keep bumping it every time I turn around. You know how it is...if you hurt something, that is the only part of your body that ever gets bumped. Ever. Not much else I can do but wait until it doesn't hurt anymore.

So...who wants to play?

Monday, February 25, 2008



Oh, Hi there! I, ah, was so very busy being addicted to my new computer game of Texas Hold 'Em I've sorely neglected everything else. *Hanging head in shame*

Well, that's not precisely true. I've also been very busy being on the hunt for the Wii console. I have my priorities, y'all. I'm happy to report that I did score one on EBay and it should be coming any day now. It's to help me with my computer game addiction, after all.

I've also been doing a lot of figuring. About the house. About the space in the house. I'm now leaning towards buying a new house rather than adding a bedroom and bath onto this one. I'm scared. I need to do some things on this one to help it sell. Starting with the bathroom with it's circa 1950's pink tile on the walls from floor to ceiling. It's retro, but not intentional. Add to that the fact that the tiles have decided that they have had enough, thankyouverymuch, and are jumping off the walls. I swear I hear faint cries of "Geronimo!" every now and then. The floor is beat up now, too. So. I called my dad for advice. The man has a talent for a multitude of things and an eye for what to buy and/or sell. He buys and flips houses all the time and does the work himself. Somehow he just knows how to do it. He's never been educated in these things. Somehow he just knows. My sister inherited the same ability. I, sadly, not so much.

Anyway. He's going to come down and we're going to gut the bathroom and redo it. We're also going to pull the awful carpeting out of the laundry/dog's room and lay tile in there. After that I'll see what else he recommends to spruce the place up to try to sell it. I'm nervous. I've never had to sell a home to buy one and don't know how it works. This was our first home. Before this I had a mobile home which, believe it or not, I actually miss sometimes. When I bought it, it was brand new. New. Everything was fresh and it didn't come with the problems that a house built in the '20s come with. I'm thinking of buying a lot and buying a modular home, but have to look into it more. They are really nice looking and everything would be new. I've become tired of "quaint" and "cute" and kinda want modern this time.

Enough about that.

Kevin is doing great. He's got 4 teeth on the bottom and is working on his 6th on top right now. He's taking a couple of steps. Literally. Two at a time. It feels like he's going to get the nerve up to take off soon, but not just yet.

I have been neglectful with taking pics, too, but I'll leave you with the few that we've taken recently...
He finds it amusing to fill his mouth with milk and then simply let it flow back out. Makes me nuts:
And our other baby:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

An epiphany

Every once in a while something pops into my head and I wonder why in sam hill I hadn't thought of it before.

Totally OT: I'm this close to going back to my spikes in my hair. Yeah, it was a pain in the butt to grow out, but I'm back to hate, hate, hating my hair again.

I digress.

Two things dawned on me early last week. #1 was "why the hell do I keep the small trash can in my bedroom (for my PB cup wrappers, of course) all the way across my bedroom where I have to walk to throw them away past Kevin, the bionic ear boy, while he's sleeping instead of, you know, keeping it closer to my bed?" So, after I put him to bed, I walked over and picked up the trash can and placed it on my side of the curtain in the room. Remember that.

#2 was "if I wake him up as I enter the room because the door makes a "cracking" sound...the sound a door makes if the paint wasn't dry when you first shut it *rolling eyes*...why don't I leave it open just a tiny smidge so, when I go to bed, it doesn't wake him up?"

So I tried it. The very first night I went up and opened the door and crept into the room. Not a sound was made. He stayed asleep. WooHoo! I tiptoed across the dark room, around the back of my bed, feeling quite pleased with myself when I promptly kicked the empty (thank goodness) trash can clear across the room. Thump, thump, thump, thump, thumpity thump. Cripes. I froze in mid step and waited while holding my breath. The boy did. not. stir. What?! How can he wake up with a little cracking sound every freakin' night and sleep through, what sounded like, Armageddon?! Freakin' weird kid. is working (knocking, like a crazed woman, on wood). He is sleeping through the night! Nirvana, I tell ya. He's also been sleeping in later and not getting up until between 8 & 9AM.

It's a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Photoshop ALONE is worth it!

I just started playing a little bit with the new computer and am finding my way around Windows Vista without any difficulty so far...trying to figure out why some people hate it, but I don't know why yet *shrug*.

Weeee! Photoshop is so freakin' cool! I haven't done much with it yet, but what I have checked out-namely the fixing of blemishes on a pic-is awesome.

Behold my first correction (keep in mind that it is literally the first time I've done this, so it's not perfect, but....
Did ya notice the crap that is gone off of his shirt? Compare it to the pic in the previous post...Waaaay too cool. The littlest things please me...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Windows Vista

I ordered a new computer from Dell that is supposed to come tomorrow (naturally, because I'll be at work). It's probably more computer than we need, actually. I've been busy burning off all the pics from this current computer to CD because I'm slow about printing them and there are hundreds. Anyway. The new computer has Windows Vista on it and I know nothing about that system. I have no idea if my current camera will even work on it. I'm just going to spit if I have to buy yet another camera so soon.

Just in case it doesn't, here's a couple from today (pay no attention to the drool on his shirt):

Thursday, February 7, 2008

1 year doctor visit

Kevin had his 1 year visit today and I have his "official" numbers rather than my DIY numbers from home...

Weight is 18lbs 6ozs (5th percentile).
Length is 30 1/2 inches (75th percentile).
HC is 44cm (3rd percentile).

Still long and lean (I wish I had that problem).

The boy eats like a horse and he's still so thin (again...hey problem, over this way please). The doctor said I could take him off his formula now. I just nodded since he's been off of it for a month already. It's funny that the weight he gained was after I took him off of it, but I guess he was more hungry for real food once he was off the formula because, although he always ate well, his eating really took off at that point.

He got 2 shots today and they, thankfully, did them simultaneously. He got his MMR and his Chicken Pox vaccines and he was a trooper. Only cried for a few seconds and was smiling at the doctor before we left.