Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well...the votes are in...

Please refrain from clamoring over each other to continue voting. It's over. After tallying up the votes, all 2 of them (hangs head in shame), we are at a dead tie. Sigh.

I'm such a attention seeking baby! I should blog for the sheer joy of "doing it for me". Mmmm...not so much. I love to make people laugh or, at least, chuckle. The problem with blogging is I can't see my audience to see if I'm amusing you, disgusting you, or, heaven forbid, you're rolling your eyes. If I couldn't see my stats, I'd think I was blogging for nobody myself. But. I either: a) have an audience and most of you are shy or something, or b) somebody is screwing with me by repeatedly clicking on my site (bless you if you give me the motivation to continue). I shall quit whining now and continue to try to draw you out of hiding amuse you.

I don't expect to hear a thing about Kevin's progress for a couple of months and if I do hear something regarding PGN anytime soon, it will probably mean it's another KO. This is the reason for my oh-so-off-topic blogging lately. I will be getting a doctor's update next week, though...

ETA: Update!!! Thank-you, Julie, for breaking the tie! WooHoo! I'm so pathetic!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

While waiting for you to vote...

hint, hint...(dammit)

I know I've mentioned "the baby" in a past post...otherwise known as a Pug, but don't tell her that. She is extremely high maintenance in that she's spoiled rotten! What made me think of this as she's sitting on my lap while I type one-handed, is I ran across the instruction sheet I left for my mom when she was sitting while I was in Guatemala. This is the letter I left her:

Cassie has free run of the house and will probably want to sleep with you. She gets over-heated under the covers if it’s too warm and will start panting. This is very bad for Pugs! I keep a bottle of water and a bowl on the nightstand to give her if she starts panting. She may insist on going
under the covers even if she’s hot. If she does, I let her go under but then pull
the covers off and just leave the sheet on her. During this time of year, you’ll
probably, at least, need the fan on the A/c. You can also use the fan on
the stand in the bedroom. Keeping her cool is the only way to get
a good night’s sleep! If it’s warm during the day, close the bedroom
door and run the A/C. That will keep the room cool. We’re telling
you this for your own good…She’ll keep waking you up if she’s hot.
Feeding- She “free feeds” If her bowl is empty, refill it. She does
not have set eating times. She will beg terribly for table food.
DO NOT give her any! She’s been getting sick from it lately.
She has dog treats and she can have an occasional fruit loop that
we keep in a bowl for her for bribing.
If she has something in her mouth that she shouldn’t….say “trade” and she’ll spit it out, then give her a fruit loop. (She actually looks for things that, say, people have dropped, like a Chap Stik, piece of paper, anything, then she’ll come to you with it in her mouth so you can see that she has it)! She usually does this KNOWING full well that we’ll say “trade” so she can have the fruit loop!
Potty- She will either run in a circle or scratch on the back door to go out. You may still have to “bribe” her with a fruit loop to get her to the door (she‘s working the system-she‘s not stupid). Hold it over her and lead her to the door. Give it to her just before she goes out. When she comes in, she will expect a dog treat and will look at you for one. She almost never pees and poo-poo’s at the same time…she may go out, poo-poo, and come back in for her dog treat and 2 minutes later want to go back out to pee and expect ANOTHER treat when she comes back in again…not much you can do about it, though. She’s working the system. Sometimes she won’t go out for a long time (especially if it’s raining!) and this will make her sick…MAKE her go. Treats won’t work in this situation because she’s sick to her stomach and doesn’t WANT them…you just have to pick her up and place her outside. Definitely make her go when you get up or she may not go for hours and she’ll get sick.
She’s not used to not having somebody here for very long periods of time. I wouldn’t leave her for too, too long (over 6 hours) if it can be helped…again, the whole “sick to her stomach” thing.

She’s never been without us like this, so I hope you’ll give her a lot of attention so she doesn’t get depressed and not eat (that’s why she can’t be in a kennel…she did that
Katie pretty much knows the drill with Cassie and will be of great help,
but she doesn’t know anything about her sleep pattern at night (see above).

She’s never been away from us at ALL, except for when she was
spayed, and spent the night at the vet's office. We tried leaving
her at the kennel at Disney for a few hours when we went in the
parks, and when we went to pick her up, she was so dehydrated from
not drinking all day, that her little nose was all “white” (from the salt
build up). She is very sensitive………..I know this seems like a lot to do
to take care of one little dog, but she has just always been treated like “the baby”!

Pathetic, isn't it?

People...please help!

Please. I need you to delurk. Seriously. I'm in a crisis and I need your help because I. Hate. My. Hair. I used to laugh an evil laugh when women all around me worried about which way they were facing when the wind blew. You your hair doesn't get messed up and blow in your face. That would be because I had hair that was, like, half an inch long. It was great. Once I did it in the morning there was nary a comb in sight for the rest of the day. The wind? I laughed. Roller Coaster? HAHA! No worries at all.


I started the adoption process and my HS SW told me that Guatemalans wouldn't like my hair and to...and I quote..."Grow it out in long, flowing waves." OK....I was ready for a change anyway.

Have you ever tried to grow hair out that was, like, a half an inch long? 'Nuff said.

Luckily, my hair grows freakishly fast. Now I'm one of those women facing the wind. Very. Freaking. Annoying.

I don't know what to do with it. Do I keep it long...if so, how to style it? Do I lop it off? Something in between? I need unbiased opinions...I get mixed reactions from friends and family. I actually had a 70ish year old co-worker tell me to cut it off again. That one surprised me and is actually what sent me into my current quandary.

So you can get an idea of my "before", "during" and "now" hair, I am providing pictures...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I got nuthin'

I want to blog. I do. Problem is, I can't think of a thing to blog about at the moment. Multiple times a day things happen that I think to myself, at the time, that I should post about later, but as I sit here...I got nuthin'. I figured that I'd start writing about, well, nothing because sometimes when I begin things just come to me....still nuthin'. Damn.

Monday, May 28, 2007


OK....not really a "hooray", but I'll take what I can get in the good news department because, well, let's face it, I have a long haul ahead of me before I can expect good news. Kevin actually went back IN on the 24th, not the 25th. Yeah, I know, but a day is a day...

Another weekend of work answering the question of "Any news"? I'm not at the point where that bothers me and I hope I don't get there. Not that I don't understand why people do get to that point...So I tell them about the KO. Sad faces all around. Some blank faces and I have to answer the question of "why do they do that?". By the end of the weekend I was just answering, "because they can" or simply "because they're f*ckers!". Nods all around. This they understand. I tell them this may just be the beginning of the KO's. They are astounded that PGN wouldn't just find everything at once. I nod. They ask, "How can they think this is better for the babies?" Head shaking all around. I then give them the "bright side" of the know...the "at least it was and early KO and it was a quick fix". Somber faces and more head shaking ensued.

I am surprised and touched that I've had three people in work tell me that they had a dream about Kevin. One had a dream that placed us in Disney. One had a dream that she ran into us at WalMart and he was still very young. The third had a dream where she was crying and saying, "She never has to give him back". So sweet. Surprising that two out of the 3 people weren't even people that are part of my regular staff. I'll take these dreams as good signs. Like I said...I'll take the good stuff where I can get it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Is there a bridge around here anywhere?

Picked up the minivan two, count them...go ahead. It won't take long. One. Two. Two stinkin' days ago and what did I do? I clipped the gutter on the house next door with my passenger mirror. Yep. Uh-huh. Nice. So now the mirror has a beautiful white mark on it. It'll buff out, but. Shit. Not my week. I want to open a door and slam it shut against my head....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coincidence? I think NOT!

Seriously. Are you @&%$ing KIDDING me?!

Today I got a call from my CM to tell me I got a KO yesterday because....get this...the SW wrote in her report that "the child was present during the interview" and the reviewer wants her to write "the child was in my sight during the interview". Holy. Shit. That's all I have to say about that. Well, not really.
I bought the freakin' minivan yesterday. Got KO'd yesterday. Hmmmm.
I could puke.

Chanting to myself..."the secret, the secret".
On the bright side (ever the freaking optimist), at least my KO came relatively quick and it was an easy fix that will be resubmitted tomorrow.
Will it be the last? I think I'll put off buying the baby stuff after all. Look WTF happened on the day of the minivan purchase. I'm. Done. Tempting. Fate.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not Glacier Blue...

When I went to look at the m-m-minivans, it was more about the interior color than anything else. That and I didn't want black or white. I wasn't married to any particular color, though. So when the saleslady...errr...salesperson...called me yesterday to tell me that a delivery truck came in that had one on it that had the options I specified and the gray interior, but was in red, I said that would be fine. Now I'm really glad I took it. I love the color. It's a metallic red and very nice. The picture is taken in sun dappled shade (like that?) so it doesn't do it justice, but here it is....

Holding a grudge

It appears to me that the bumbo pic in the previous entry was the first pic taken of Kevin at the social visit because he looks like he's still a bit angry in the rest. I guess it's easy to find it amusing from afar. When he gets home, maybe not so much.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I don't think I'll be buying a bumbo seat....

Holy crap, he's pissed!
This is from my May "Social Visit". He's not looking very sociable, is he? I believe I'm to receive more pics from my agency because the subject line of this email was "MORE May pictures" and I only received 3 of them, with 2 of them being with the FM. I usually receive many more than that. They were just probably sent out of order. The FM sure does like this shirt, though. He's been in it the last 3 updates I've gotten...

Monday, May 21, 2007

I feel all grown up....

Well, I did it. I've been researching and pondering for months, afraid to make the move. Fearing I would Jinx things. What if something truly awful happened and Kevin never comes home? Not going to happen! Subscribing to the idea of "The Secret" has freed me to finally just do it. If you haven' heard of The Secret, check out this link...

What did I do? This.........>
I haven't taken delivery of it, yet. That will probably be tomorrow or Wednesday because they are finding me a Glacier Blue one. The one pictured is the one I test drove, but the interior is beige. Call me silly, but beige just doesn't seem the way to go when travelling with children. Especially travelling about 1100 miles (one way) for our much anticipated trip to Disney! I currently drive a Jeep Liberty, which I like, but the space just isn't going to be enough once Kevin's home. I cannot believe all the room in a...cough...choke....dare I say it?...MINIVAN!'s out...I said it AND, yes, I'm EXCITED about it, dammit.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Surprise visit pics!

Today I received surprise visit pics of Kevin. It's been over a month since I've held him and I'm so impressed with how well he's holding his head up now. I miss him. These pics have me checking flights again....sigh.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I'm glad I refrained from my temper tantrum...On Saturday (while I was at work again....I'm starting to like weekends), I received an update email from my agency telling me that Kevin entered PGN on 5/10!!!!

I'm always trying to plan things and I have no control over what happens over there. Makes me nuts. I had been pondering a visit trip for July(ish), but, by early July, I could find out that I'm OUT or (booboo face here) KO'd. It seems silly to plan a trip to visit when I could (fingers crossed) find out I need to plan a pick-up trip before I ever left to visit. What to do? What to do? I'll leave my options open for now...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Grumble, grumble, grumble....

I feel another tantrum coming on, but I will refrain. For now. I just don't understand what the problem is with FC....Laurie (my cyber friend from my agency) and I are commiserating with each other left and right. I'm glad I have her to complain to and dread the thought of our timelines taking different routes. It's nice having someone RIGHT THERE WITH YOU who is facing the same frustrations (OK, that sounded bad....I don't wish frustrations on her....oh, that came out all wrong....crap.) Laurie, if you're reading know what I mean, don't you? I hope we're both out of there soon so we can commiserate through PGN, too!

Monday, May 7, 2007


The long for PA is finally over! The email arrived on Saturday, 5/5. Now to get out of FC....

Friday, May 4, 2007

We have curls!

Late last night I got an email about Kevin's 3 month doctor visit. He's gained 2 lbs this month and is weighing in at 9lbs, 10 ozs. He's also 1 1/2 inches longer at 22.24 inches and his HC is up to 37.2cms. He's growing nicely and has finally hit the US charts (3rd percentile) on length and weight-for-length. Here is a snip from the doctor's email..."is now aged 3 months and has been, apparently, judging from what the caregiver tells me, doing really well in the time since he visited my office for the last time, he is a bright little one whose development and growth appear to be progressing as expected, he shows interest in what goes on around him will turn to sound especially to the sound of voices, he now smiles socially and makes cooing noises of his own and cries of socialization, he now shows voluntary control of his arms and legs and will alternate opening and shutting his hands as well as kicks and pushes with his feet, when on his stomach he will lift his face from the bed."

I'm sure I'm biased, but I think he is simply beautiful! Look at how he's getting curls! I miss him and really need to go back...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Very interesting...

Today the ADA posted a message that no votes took place yesterday in the Guatemalan Congress due to...well...basically not enough of them showed up. I think this is good, but I'm no lawyer. At least adoptions aren't coming to a screeching halt in the immediate future, so onward we trudge and wait (mostly wait). The ADA also posted that they are going to "file criminal charges against the PGN for their delays in giving the opinions that by law they are obligated to give within three days". Whoa. I've been torn on whether to be elated or scared about this. What happens if PGN gets really PO'd? You know what they say about payback. Then I read a post on a message board that said that they had done this in the past and it worked. This particular person said that she was OUT (can't even write that word in small letters anymore) in 7 weeks. The 7 weeks included a KO that took 2 weeks to fix and it was over the Christmas holidays! If you know about Guatemalan adoptions, you know how amazingly fast that is! Hence, my elation. It won't be long (please...) and Kevin will be in PGN. I'm only waiting to get out of FC and to get my PA. Both should be very soon (please...). I can only dream that my PGN stay is that short.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Deep breath...

I'd like to apologize for my temper tantrum, but I won't be brave enough to say it'll be my last. I feel a bit calmer this week for whatever reason. Of course, it's easier to be calmer when there's still hope for the week. When Friday rolls around, and nothing has happened, is when I feel so frustrated. Tomorrow Kevin goes for his 3 month check up, so I do have that to look forward to...