Sunday, April 4, 2010

Been forever!

It's odd that last night I was thinking about making a blog entry and then Dottie mentioned missing my blog on a FB comment today. I took it as a sign...

I'm so out of the groove of blogging that this post will probably come across stilted. You get so used to little posts on FB that I almost think that way sometimes, but I'll give it a try.
Kevin is growing like a weed and is about 38 inches at the last unofficial measurement I did here at home. He's still a thin little guy, though. Most times he's the sweetest boy, but, MAN(!) he can be stubborn when he's in a cranky mood. He has already commanded control of the remote control to start his movies (it's such a guy thing).

As I've talked about on FB, we are about to have the kitchen remodeled. It all started with me wanting a dishwasher because our current one (Katie) has been doing a poor job of it. My brother (who is a contractor) came over to check the situation out with our cupboards to see where we could put one. Roni starts asking about the cost of new cupboards and it just snowballed out of control from there. Although I am terrified at the debt I am accruing over this, I am extremely excited at the thought of a new kitchen. Our kitchen is currently very outdated (original cupboards, sink, faucet, etc.) and the layout just plain sucks. Everything except my fridge and floor is getting changed. Even my stove is getting moved. Speaking of the stove, which is less than a year old, I am replacing it with a stainless steel, double oven, range. Bought that today when I bought the dishwasher and the microwave that will go above the stove. I figured "in for a penny....". I blame it on the low blood sugar I was experiencing while shopping. The island (cheap version) that is in the kitchen currently is going, going, gone. It is nothing but a junk collector. We are ruthlessly getting rid of stuff. I don't even have to haul anything away. I just put it on the curb and people take it. I've never put anything out that wasn't gone within a couple of hours. I believe people are now stalking my house waiting for the next item they can take. I'm thrilled with it and am glad to be helping someone else out.

As embarrassing as it is, I'm going to post the pictures of the kitchen as it is currently and when the remodeling is done, I'll come back and post the update...

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Jessica said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to see the results. It looks like you have a nice-size kitchen though. Your cabinets look just like the ones I had before we gutted our kitchen, only ours were almost black. They were beautiful, I tell you! :-/