Friday, July 4, 2008

The longest day of my life

Guess what time the boy got up this morning. Go ahead. Guess.

3:45AM. Yes. Uh-huh. You read that right. Ponder that for a moment. Enough to make you wanna puke, huh?

I must admit that I was not very mature about it. Momma needs her sleep and when you're screwing around on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; I can be a bear.

Roni had heard him crying (She was still up. Don't ask.) while I was sleeping blissfully unaware on the chair in the living room. There is a reason I sleep on a chair in the living room, y'all. Roni, being conscientious, went to check on him when he wouldn't quiet back down on his own and found him, and his sheet, wet. He uses Huggies Overnights which, if put on him correctly, do not leak. Apparently I left a frickin' gap. Rest assured that I all but duct taped them on him tonight.

The extent of my immaturity when I saw her carry him downstairs began with, "What the fuck?!" and continued with general bitchiness toward her for a good 15 minutes. Luckily, we get pissed at each other, but don't grudge hold or my day could have been even longer.

I fed him breakfast at 4AM, for the love of God. He went for his first nap of the day at 6AM...the time he normally gets up. He woke back up after 2.5 hours and proceeded to whine incessantly through the morning. I tried to put him back down for a nap after and hour figuring he was all messed up and was obviously still tired, but that was a no go.

Loud crying ensued...and he also cried and screamed.

Back downstairs we went. More whining from both of us. He took a snack through the whining. He watched the Wiggles through the whining. At 11:30 I gave him lunch. He scarfed it down without whining. Finally. Lunch was finished and the whining recommenced. 12 noon and I was all done in. I threw a Hail Mary pass to the crib and he went peacefully to sleep for over 3 hours. A beautiful thing. Beautiful thing, I tell ya.

Thank the Lord, he was much more himself after that nap...although his day was practically over by now.

I did learn a couple of lessons through all this:

1) Make sure the diaper has no frickin' gaps.
2) Buy Roni earplugs.

I hope you've had a great holiday!


Laurie said...

OH I feel your pain. We have had a few 4am mornings recently. NOT FUN. I'm not too pretty at that hour either. It's sad when the day is like half done and it' s barely noon. Hopefully it's just a phase, like maybe they're learning a new motor skill or something? (not like I can deal with any more climbing here...)

Baby John's Crib said...

tI feel your pain, this was a regular occurance in our household for quite a while.

Melissa said...

I must admit it is hard to be the mature mommy at 4 a.m.! Hope the sleep situation works itself out soon.