Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well, this kinda sucks

Kevin's been a bit messed up on his sleep habits lately. He's currently trying to transition himself to one nap a day. That would be fine if he wasn't so cranky for the last couple hours before bed...which is about 6PM.

But, anyway...

This morning he went for his nap and only slept for about an hour because he had pooped. Normally I can go up and change him and he'll go back to sleep, but not today. So I got him up and we went grocery shopping. He seemed wide awake so imagine my surprise when I opened the van and saw this:
I must've stood there staring at him for 5 minutes waiting for him to sense me there and wake up, but no go. So I figured that I'd unbuckle him and he'd wake up by the time I pulled his arms out of the harness because he always does. Nope. I picked him up knowing that he'd wake up now. Nope. He laid his head on my shoulder and slept on. Now I'm standing in the parking lot overcome with love, but wondering WTH I was going to do now.
I peered into my van looking for an answer to my dilemma and saw his old Snugli laying between the back seats. I maneuvered myself into the van, still holding him while he slept on, and grabbed it. I laid it in the seat of the cart (or buggy if you're from the south) and voila!:
He woke up in the store, but was content to stay laying there the whole time because he was just so tired.


Pug & I said...

Awwww, so cute!! SO glad you got pics!

Baby John's Crib said...

Oh, so cute!

I got lucky on the nap front as mt daycare transitioned John from the infant room to the 1-2 year old room, where they have a designated nap time everyday from 1-3. I just continued that schedule on the weekends, and he hasn't wanted 2 naps since.