Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The blankie

I have to say that I'm terrified that something awful will happen to Kevin's blanket. Or that he'll carry it around when he's 22. Whichever. The reason this comes to mind is because of
this post by The New Girl (who is a fantastically funny blogger, BTW). If you scroll down a couple of paragraphs, she is talking about switching her daughter's old doll with a new, identical doll and her child's reaction.

Hence, the fear.

The boy is totally attached to his blankie. There is a particular corner of it that he searches for. He'll start turning the thing around to feel each corner until he finds the "right" one. It's frustrating to watch when he's frantically searching and he's felt 3 of the corners, and I think it's almost over, but then he reverses his search and starts covering old ground. I've taken to putting the correct end of the blanket toward his face (yes, I know which friggin' corner it is) and hope he finds it right away. If he start twirling the damn thing, I step in and just hand him the correct corner. He then takes it and rubs it between his fingers like a talisman, or rubs it against his cheek. We take it on vacation with us because, simply, it is a lifesaver at times. WHAT. IF. I. FORGET. IT. AT. HOME?! Worse yet, OMFG! what if I left it at a hotel?! His stuffed Mickey Mouse is his second choice. I'm trying to keep him from taking the blanket out in public with us because he drags it around and, um, yuck, so I make him leave it in his crib. He's gotten used to that and will just drop it now and pick up Mickey instead. Roni, on the other hand, would let him take it anywhere (although she did put her foot down when he wanted to take it in the bathtub while on vacation).

Do your kids have a similar object of love?


Vanessa said...

Mine don't but my little nieces LOVES her blankie too!! She's been carrying it around since she was two and is now 7 and let me just say it shows it wear that's for sure!! Her mom tried to switch it and NOPE wouldn't stand for it!! She is getting better though that she only uses it around her house and in the car!!

Baby John's Crib said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've got multiple blankies that look nothing alike, and several teddy bears all named "baby" that John is quite attached to. At one point, blue "baby" was his favorite, but the minute I bought another blue baby so I could wash the first, John switched allegiances on me to to beige "baby", and I can't find another one to keep in storage. Worse yet, my smart kid figured out there were two blue babies, and demanded them both.......

Terry said...

Tommy isn't attached to anything like that. In a way, I wish he almost seems like most kids are so I worry that something is wrong because he isn't. Then again, I don't have to worry about forgetting something or leaving it on vacation, which is quite nice. ;)

Laurie said...

I worry that Theo will still want his pacifier when he is 12 or whatever. He is addicted to it. Damian wants us to stop it cold turkey and I'm afraid to...oh, the screaming that would entail (shudder). I know people hate seeing older kids with them, and so do I, and my kid is becoming one of them. UGH. Luckily he is almost just using it in the crib only.