Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Facebook has made me so lazy

My blogging has gone straight to hell. I blame Facebook. If you FB, I'm sure I need not say more.

Let's see. What's going on here...?

Well, I'm depressed.

1) I should be sitting in a motel in VA right now for an overnight stay on the way to Disney, but I'm not.

2) Some huge snafu with the checking account has happened and I'm about to lose my mind trying to come up with the money to fix it. I had never bounced a check in my life and now I have multiple notices coming from my bank for insufficient funds. It's humiliating and frustrating because I don't know WTF happened. Thankfully, my bank pays the bills so I don't have the recipient hitting me with charges for a bounced check, so it could be worse. My bank isn't so kind to not hit me with fees for each check they've covered for me which, of course, just makes the pit that I need to climb out of deeper. This is a full blown crisis over here. I don't have a lick of cash to even put in the account to stop the bleeding. There are still checks pending and I don't get paid until Friday. Not to mention that my mortgage is due on the 1st. The whole thing has me sick and I don't know when it'll be straightened out.

3) Still waiting to get off the weekend program at work.

4) Kevin is being difficult the past two weeks. Crying, whining, meltdowns, etc. Terrible twos? Molars? I think I can feel one coming in, so I give him Motrin and stand firm on temper tantrums. Trying to cover all the possibilities. Please let this stop soon. Gah!


Vanessa said...

Praying God provides a way for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon!

Baby John's Crib said...

Bummer, I'll say a prayer for you too! John just goes through those stages periodically. I kept thinking it was molars and it never was - once I stopped looking for the molars on a pretty much daily basis, they just appeared on me.

Is FB all it's cracked up to be? My sister & BIL keep telling me to get with the program, but I keep thinking it's just one more thing that I'll fell obligated to do......

Tam said...

Eh, *shrug* FB is a quick, easy way to catch up on goings on with people. Especially since a lot of mine is done through my phone. It's very short updates, though. Little one, or two, liners usually. Some pics are added. 90% of my FB friends are Guat moms, so it's nice to get quick updates on them and their kids. Makes me bad about blogging, though....If you decide to join, let me know so I can add you to my friends.

Thanks for the prayers, both of you.

Laurie said...

Yeah I've been slacking at blogging lately due to FB. I finally posted something tonight, but it's been awhile. FB is easier.

Anyway, the terrible twos are rough. I try not to scream, "You're going in time out!" too many times per day. LOL.

Rhonda said...

Oh can we ever relate to the terrible two's. I am ready to turn sooooo completely grey, good thing for hair dye as this 2 year old of ours had challenged every parent aspect from us. I keep thinking when when when is she going to outgrow so my heart goes out to you.

Hoping that you can find some light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's truly a difficult time for so many people right now.

I'm on FB but I should clarify by saying I have an account as I'm never on it. I keep thinking one of these days I am actually going to sit down and figure it out but then I'm too tired and my brain is too old!!! Maybe one of these days I might take on the challenge to figure it out but not today!