Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silence is not always golden, my friends.

Moms know this fact quite well. Usually, I'm pretty quick on the uptake when there is that deafening silence while the boy is awake. Today....not so much.

Witness my TV:
Can you see the coloring all over the screen? Yes, the boy still lives, but probably only because it came off with an electronic cleaner because his mama loves him more than any old TV.
Onto other news. I attended a viewing tonight of a co-worker. I have not been in work for 2 weeks so, while I was at the viewing, I was visited by several staff members just busting a gut to fill me in on the events happening there. Holy shit. Much has happened and not a bit of it sounds good. People got fired, somebody got demoted, somebody else is interviewing for a new job so they can leave....Here's the thing...When I applied for Unit Manager in order to go day shift, I applied because an opening for a specific floor opened up. I was told I was getting that floor. In the meantime another RN applied for a Unit Manager position, also. There wasn't another spot open. From what I gather, they decided to make a position open by demoting the Unit Manger of one of the other floors because she is an LPN and they want RNs in that position. Following me? They want RNs because an LPN cannot supervise without an RN in the building and the Unit Managers will have to work every 3rd weekend on 7-3 shift to supervise because I will no longer be on the double shifts on the weekends. The shit of it is that they decided that I wasn't getting the floor I applied for. I'm getting 2 floors and one of them is the floor that the demoted LPN works on!!! Great. Hands up in the air if anyone thinks that she isn't going to resent the hell out of me even though it is the other RN applying for the UM job that has caused this to happen.
Yeah. That's what I thought, too.



Baby John's Crib said...

Uhhh, your work situation sucks! Hopefully the LPN will accept the situation gracefully.

I'm glad your TV came clean.

Rhonda said...

Ugh, that so totally sucks big time. Hoping the politics works it way out. I sooooo don't miss that part of the medical field :-)

Rhonda said...

Just wanted to wish you a very wonderful Mother's Day.
Luv, Rhonda