Monday, May 12, 2008

Decision made

Yes, we finally decided. I'm refinancing this house and rolling my 2nd mortgage into the new loan. My current mortgage is at 6.75% and the 2nd mortgage is at !gasp! 8.75%. The loan I was approved for is for 5.875%. I feel a sense of relief because my gut has been screaming that buying a new house would put us in over our heads. We are currently in a financial crunch that has me very tense. We have a hole we need to dig out of and we'll worry about a new house later.
Everything happens for a reason.

Work. It sucks. Still.

Y'all know already that I'm disgruntled with work. This past week hasn't helped. They called me every. single. day last week. Most of the calls were for me to come into work. Now, I had already told them on Tuesday that I couldn't do Wednesday. Did that stop them from calling me again on Wednesday to ask me again? No. No, it didn't. I didn't have my phone on all day on Wednesday so I didn't get the voicemail until Thursday. Then they called me on Thursday (they got my voicemail again) to say, and I quote, "Tam, (the per diem nurse) is working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. You need to call me back and let me know which day you're going to work, Monday or Friday." I hung up the phone with my jaw hanging. I ranted and raved to Roni something to the effect of, "I don't have to work any fucking day." That scheduling chick needs to work on her approach. Seriously. She should be calling me in the sweetest, sucking up voice she can muster, throw in a bonus, and ask me if I could please help out whatever day I can. Not demand that I work a day that she picks. After about 20 minutes of my carrying on and pacing around the house trying to calm my-damn-self down, I called her back and nicely informed her that I cannot do either of those days. I said to her, "Think about it a minute. I work back-to-back doubles on Saturday and Sunday. Mondays and Fridays are not doable. I would not be able to physically handle it." I then told her that I could do Tuesday night if she could get (the per diem nurse) to switch her days. She did and now I'm working tomorrow night for them. Once I walked into work this weekend, I regretted telling her I would help them out at all because I went to my mailbox and found a denial for my vacation request for November. Gah!!!!! I was livid. Livid, I tell you. The DON denied it because she's worried she won't be able to get coverage for 2 weekends in a row. Can you say tough shit? Our policy specifically states that if you've worked there for 5 years, or more, you are allowed to take two weeks in a row. I gave 6 months notice for this vacation. I wrote a note back to her stating this and then I took it to the Administrator and he said he'd take care of it. She came in this weekend and got my note and I waited. The Administrator must have said something to her because she approached me to discuss it. She said she's going to try to hire a second RN for the weekends to work the floor and be cross-trained to cover Supervisor. What a great idea! Although I still don't have my approval in hand.

By the way? We discussed this while I was passing meds because I was working the floor.

Can't wait until next weekend...


Lisa said...

Tami, I know nurses are always in high demand. Any chance you could find a better place to work? Or is it like that everywhere? I'm sorry it's so freaking stressful, that must truly suck rocks. :(

I'm glad you got the house situation figured out.....and hey, you have the bathroom done already! :-D

Baby John's Crib said...

I'm sorry work sucks so bad right now. I know it's even worse when you actually like your "real" job, but not the BS the powers that be like to heap on good, dedicated workers.

LOL, post pics of your bath. Maybe you can shame me into getting pics of my kitchen........and my kid, ha ha.