Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Carly tried to kill me today. She's the Rottie.

I was getting ready to mow my lawn when she took me out in a beautiful take down if we were football players. She was running around like a nut case in the yard when she ran in front of me and swept my legs right out from under me. I never had a chance. I completely left my feet and flew into the air. When I landed, it was with all my weight directly on my left knee. I saw stars. The neighbor, who was outside, got an education in lady-like language. Poor old guy.

Now, to take your mind off that ugly picture...Here's Kevin in his new outfit that a woman at work bought him...

I couldn't get him to stand still and look at the camera.

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Baby John's Crib said...

Ouch, that looks painful!

Kevin, on the other hand, looks adorable. He looks so big, how tall is he now?