Wednesday, June 18, 2008

141 days...

Guess where we're going!


Not Disney this time around. We're going to give Universal a try and we're staying at The Hard Rock Hotel.

Katie is pumped for this trip. This one is partly for her because she's getting older and who knows if she'll go with us next year. She wants to bring a friend. I've reserved 2 connecting rooms so space isn't an issue. The second room is actually so I can put Kevin to bed at night without having huge issues in the room with the rest of us. When I'm ready for bed, I'll slip into the room with him. The issue I have with her bringing a friend is that the cost of food is out of this world and the kid would have to bring enough money to pay for her own eats and souvenirs. I've got her ticket covered already. Katie says, "She likes sandwiches." Yeah, the kid can eat a sandwich while we eat at a restaurant. *rolls eyes* If we were doing Disney I'd have my Rewards Card that I use to offset the cost of our food, but not at Universal. I've never had to budget for food before, but I know how much it costs at these places. We're way over our Disney budget already and I just can't afford another person...

I also don't know if I can handle another teen with Katie. I know Katie pushes the envelope when other people are around and I don't want to get pissed on this vacation. This one will be much more relaxing than doing Disney and we just want to chill out. Besides, I'd be the odd person out when going on rides with them because Roni doesn't do thrill rides. The last reason is that Katie and I tend to bond on vacation and having another kid there would ruin that.


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Terry said...

Fund trip, without or without another teen. Universal is so much fun! Kevin will probably love it, too.

I understand the whole inviting another teen along. Sometimes kids just really want to have one of their friend's with them. I'm sure her parents wouldn't mind paying for her food since they don't have to pay for gas, lodging or any thing else (although they may even offer to pitch in a little more). But then again, if you want good bonding time, maybe it should just be Katie.

Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll have a blast!