Thursday, June 12, 2008

I used the wrong pic apparently

I should've used a better picture of Kevin when I entered him in the cutest baby contest. We all know he's adorable, but he's getting low scores and now I'm aggravated with myself...I should have used one of these, maybe.

If you'd like to vote for him, please go to photo contest and enter #50793 to vote on his picture. I'm aghast that there's actually people giving him a one...although I'm betting it was to bring his score down to make theirs higher. He had been in the top ten. Bitches.


Pug & I said...

I thought the entry photo was great - that's probably my favorite of all the pictures you've posted online so far. He always looks cute in every picture, but that one in specific just makes you feel like you're there and can feel his spunky personality.
Am I a bad person if I felt like going through all the other baby entries and clicking 1 just to drop them? Because they dared give Kevin a 1? Yeah. I'm a bad person.

Laurie & Damian said...

They're all just jealous. Plain and simple.

Baby John's Crib said...

Yep, I'll give him a 10! I know of only 1 little boy slightly more attractive..............LOL! but that is probably my proud mommy instinct being very prejiduced. GO KEVIN!!!

Lisa said...

Okay, that steams my potatoes. I've voted for him with a ten every day since you posted this. Do you know if I can "vote" more than once per day???

Skanky ho's. They ARE just jealous, because he's soooo much cuter than most of those other kids.