Monday, March 19, 2007

Holy crap, it's getting close!

Deep breath. Innnn. Ouuuut. I'm starting to feel a weee bit frantic...The visit trip is in T minus 22 days and there's very little accomplished here. Yes, I have the tickets and the reservations and have actually had them since before Kevin was ever referred to me. Yes, most of the items for baby are bought that I need to take. I have even managed to get two carry on pieces for the flight (well, actually my friend Roni, who is going with me, scored those). I don't have any idea what I'm packing for myself and I worry about flying with my syringes/insulin/etc. I have to get this house cleaned before my mother comes to stay with Cassie (my Pug) and Katie (Roni's 13 y/o daughter), but I guess I need to step. away. from. the. computer first. I've written detailed instructions to my mom on how to take care of Cassie. I never realized how high maintenance my little girl is until I typed it up. Thankfully, my mom is an animal lover and understands my freak-like worry about my "baby". The instructions for Katie boils down to "keep her alive and don't let her con you into anything".

I've never flown before and never been out of the country. To be doing both simultaneously, is freaking me out a bit, also. I'm not afraid to fly per se, I'm worried I'll embarrass myself and get motion sick. I never worried about motion sickness before until I went on a deep sea fishing trip many years ago. I really never even considered that I'd feel sick, but I started with a seizure on the deck and was so violently ill (I'll just leave it at that) for the whole trip that the captain was seriously considering taking everyone back to shore. He didn't, but it was the worst 8 hours of my life and has completely ruled out that I'll ever go on a cruise. At least I wasn't the only one that was sick (the water was really rough, they said), but I did have the dubious distinction of being the only one who seized. Anyway, that's my fear...I pray to everything that is Holy that I don't get motion sickness on the plane. I think I'll get some Dramamine before we go, just to be safe....

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