Friday, March 23, 2007

More than I expected!

I truly thought I'd never need the BIG suitcase that I have. I thought the carry-on and maybe the small suitcase would be plenty. Then. Today I went to start packing Kevin's stuff. I cannot believe that his stuff alone has all but filled the big suitcase. Are you kidding me? To be fair, though, the bottle system and the bottle warmer take up quite a bit of space by itself. I haven't yet pulled out the space saver bags, either, but I was still surprised. It looks like I'll need both suitcases and the carry-on, not to mention the laptop. Oh! And I forgot that I need to fit the video camera in there. Wow....OK...getting a little overwhelmed now.


Mommy2B said...


We felt the same way when we packed for our POA trip to visit Kenzie. We shared a suitcase and filled a carry on and another large suitcase with items just for Kenzie. I have already started buying stuff for my May trip and I think I may have to take two suitcases again and a carry on. the sad thing is my husband isn't going and I will still need to take the same amount of luggage.. LOL.

I can't wait to see pics from your trip. Kevin is such a cutie

Michelle Smiles said...

My first visit the packing was crazy! Sabrina's stuff took up 1 huge suitcase by itself (bouncy seat, bumbo seat, clothes, diapers, etc). The second trip was easier because I had already taken the big stuff I wanted to take. Good luck!