Monday, April 16, 2007

Back from the visit trip

First off, I simply cannot believe I forgot to take the laptop! I so wanted to post on the adoption sites and to blog while we were there, but, crap.

When we got to the first airport to check in and get the boarding passes, I had my contact simply flip out of my eye. That never happens to me. Then, while waiting in line to board this "puddle jumper", I managed to drop my water bottle which then rolled down between multiple people's legs before someone grabbed it for me. I started hoping that these were not omens for the flight....Thankfully, I had no problems. Finally, we got on a larger plane...

Kevin was an absolute joy and I'm madly in love! The trip was much too short and it was heartbreaking to give him back to the FM.

Without further ado, a "few" pics...

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