Monday, April 2, 2007


While I was working this weekend, an email came from my agency to update me that the SWI were successfully completed on 3/26! It's probably my imagination, but it seems like I get new update either on a Friday or on the weekend when I can't really celebrate since I work back-to-back 16 hour shifts...Regardless, I'm thrilled to have that step over. Now I'm waiting to get out of FC and to hear that I have PA. It's moving along nicely (I am furiously knocking on wood as I type this-don't want to jinx myself).

I am starting to get nervous/scared about the trip. One week from tomorrow we leave...

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Jessica said...

AWESOME progress, Tam! BTW, it's not just your imagination. Most of the time updates are sent on weekends. S'ok, though. Just celebrate on Monday! And the good news can help you get through the weekend.