Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Social visit pics!.. and "woe is me"

I received some social visit pics last night...
I miss him so much! I'm in a sad/bad place right now emotionally. 1)This wait for PA and to hear we're out of FC is a tough one. It's hard to believe that PA was coming in less than 30 days just a couple of months ago. I'm getting close to twice that now. 2)I don't feel comfortable buying things just yet for Kevin...superstitious. 3)I can't plan a visit trip again because there's an "internal issue" at my agency and trips have been suspended (I hope temporarily). 4)This is the longest time I've been away from my favorite place on earth...Disney...and I can't plan a trip until Kevin's home. And 5) (This is the thing that is probably making everything else worse)...I'm PMSing! UGH! I NEED some good news!


Mommy2B said...

I think he is waving to you in that picture.
I hope you hear about PA soon.


Home sweet home said...

Awwwww..hang in there .. this is a hard process but when its done its PURE heaven --- keep your mind on the other side .... home and huggin your sweetie everyday !!