Tuesday, November 13, 2007


When I really think about it, it's amazing how far Kevin has come since coming home. He could barely sit up when we picked him up and this weekend he grew the confidence to pull up in his crib. Now he's constantly pulling up on anything he can grab. He started pulling up a while ago, but it was very shaky. Now, I can't stop him!

Kevin & Cassie...
Katie thought it would be amusing to put a bow in his hair during dinner...Time for a hair cut! He looks thrilled, doesn't he?


rachel said...


I love the bow! (poor guy...lol)

There are certain things that I don't want Anya doing because it means she is growing up, walking is the biggest for some reason, I think that's one of the defining differences between babyhood and toddlerhood to me, but now that she is trying to walk I am just SO proud.

Be proud of your little man :D (I know you are)

Was this weekend better at work?

Mommy2B said...

He is such a handsome BIG boy!!
I love seeing pictures of his progression... He will be running around your house soon enough.

Michelle Smiles said...

What a cutie!

Our babes are all growing too quickly!