Monday, November 19, 2007


Weird. I go my whole life believing I'm of a certain ethnic background and find out that, huh, nope. What I grew up believing...1/2 Italian, the rest a mix of German, Irish, Welsh, Dutch. What I find out...1/2 Italian and ?!SWISS?! Yo. Strange shit to find this out after all these years. I guess it's even weirder for my mom to find this out. I guess it's pretty close to "German",'s just strange.

Moving on.

My home study social worker came for my post-placement visit tonight. Awesome that it's over. Well, except for that pesky name change thing. That last attempt left me traumatized more than I thought, I guess. I've got to get over there and get it done already or I'll wind up explaining to a teenager why it is he's been called Kevin all his life and his legal name has "Kevin" nowhere in it. Damn my procrastinating ass. Gah!

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Beck said...

Yes, my dad always made out that we were this rich ethnic mix and it turns out that we were Scottish. The end. That was a bit... disappointing!