Monday, November 5, 2007

Anyone see my funny?

In case you haven't noticed, I've got terrible blogger's block. I can't even save the day with pictures because I'm on the laptop and pics are on the PC. Even so, as I was saying to my friends at work, how many pictures can I put up of Kevin sitting in his high chair, or sitting on the floor? I need an action shot of the boy standing, or something. He's pulling up, but won't hold the pose long enough for me to grab the camera. Soon, though, soon.

He did much better this weekend. I woke him in the morning before work so he could see me and there was much improvement in his mood this weekend. Last night, for the first time when he woke up at 2AM, I didn't pop the bottle in his mouth for him to go back to sleep. I read a book about children's sleep issues and it basically said that the child can be associating an object with being time to sleep and they really need to be able to put themselves to sleep. That being said, I was comfortable doing that last night because he had just had a bottle at 12:30 and I knew there was no way he was hungry. If he wasn't in my room and if I hadn't just worked 2 back-to-back 16 hour shifts and, for the love of God, needed to get some sleep, I may have just let him whine for a little while without getting up at all. Instead, I got up and laid him back down (he was sitting up), covered him up, and went back to my bed expecting to have to get back up. But. He actually went right back to sleep and, get this, he did not wake back up the rest of the night! That is the closest he's come to sleeping through the night yet. You have to understand that this is the milestone that I'm looking so forward to. Him getting up multiple times a night has gotten old. I know, I know, but MAN! I am so not the mommy who loves the cuddle time at night. Kudos to you who are, but I'm a crank-ass without my sleep. I'm just proud of myself that I get up at the previously unheard of hour of about 7AM.

Yesterday, at work, I had a bit of a scary moment when I said to my friend, "I feel funny. I better check my sugar." The next thing she heard through the med room door was, "Holy fuck!". Yeah. My blood sugar was 28. I was so stunned (and impaired, obviously) that I decided to waste some more time and recheck my sugar. Yep. Still 28. Good thing it was recently Halloween and there was candy around. We all know that I don't want to waste a moment like this drinking milk, or some damn thing. Fists full of candy were pounded down my throat. Yummy. Naturally, I overdid it and woke up today with my blood sugar in the 400's. Sigh. I felt like so much shit. Thankfully, Roni offered for me to go back to bed and I sure took her up on it. She brought Kevin up for his nap somewhere around 9 and on I slept. Kevin and I woke up around 11. I felt about a billion times better by then.

The rest of the day, Kevin refused his nap. I tried twice and it was a no go. He can't possibly be going from 3 naps a day to one already. Can he? He did go to 2 naps about 10 days ago, but only one? Nah. It had to just be a funky kind of day....


Rhonda said...

All I can say is when Emily went from three to two to now ONE, yes ONE stinking nap at about 12 months of age, I kept thinking HOW can this be and what kind of a joke was it for me to get TWO darling little girls who don't require MUCH sleep to one OLD mommy who DOES!!!! Someone is getting a mighty hardy laugh and it's NOT coming from this house!!!
Good luck, Rhonda

Baby John's Crib said...

Your kid took 3 naps a day?

That happened on this planet?

Please tell me that I did not miss out on that miraculous occasion. If I got lucky, John took 2 - 1 hours. Tops. Ever. He's been forcibly migrated to 1 nap, and it's still only 1 - 1.5 hours (long for daycare, short for mom.....).

Actually, it sounds like he's adjusting much better this weekend. It will get better!!!

Pug Mom said...

All I can say is that I hope you get sleep SOMEHOW. And soon. I just don't know how I'm going to cope with a baby - I'm seriously a zombie if I don't get at least 9 straight hours of sleep. Either the kid will starve or my hubby will bring the kid to my chest and latch him on while I sleep. Because otherwise I'll make the news for having dumped my hubby and child at the local shelter - and when they find me, I'll be curled up asleep in some sleazy motel 1000 miles away. :)