Friday, February 8, 2008

Windows Vista

I ordered a new computer from Dell that is supposed to come tomorrow (naturally, because I'll be at work). It's probably more computer than we need, actually. I've been busy burning off all the pics from this current computer to CD because I'm slow about printing them and there are hundreds. Anyway. The new computer has Windows Vista on it and I know nothing about that system. I have no idea if my current camera will even work on it. I'm just going to spit if I have to buy yet another camera so soon.

Just in case it doesn't, here's a couple from today (pay no attention to the drool on his shirt):


Baby John's Crib said...

Oh, he's just too sweet! Get used to the drool, it will be around for a while. I thought it would stop once the molars finally made an appearance, but it hasn't. Does anyone know if they still make spit cups?

Terry said...

I have Windows Vista and didn't have a problem with the switch so you should be fine.

Kevin is too cute! Tommy is a big drooler, too. And he refuses to leave a bib on, even to eat, so I don't have on decent recent pic of him without a huge drool spot on his shirt. But they're still adorable....drool and all.


Kelly said...

Tam I know I say this over and over but he is SO DARN CUTE! :) Kemry is the drool queen. I don't think I have a single picture of her without a wet shirt. She's hyperdrooly. lol No advise on the Vista but we are looking into getting a new computer and I have wondered about that too. You'll have ot let us know how it works out! :)