Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's not for whimps!

I just can't believe it. Seriously. I've read about Wii injuries and inwardly snickered to myself. How could anyone get so wrapped up in a video game that they hurt themselves or someone else? Pu-lease!


I received my Wii today and, honestly, the only reason I've torn myself away from it for awhile is because I have become a casualty of the Wii injury.

There I was, minding my own business while doing the bowling game, of all things, when it happened. I was really getting into it and getting better with each game. I was actually marveling at the fact that I could tell I am going to be sore tomorrow. The next thing I knew, I thwacked my ring finger off the underside of the coffee table. The pain was excruciating and I felt the world slipping away from me. It was the kind of pain where you can't even yell out. I started to black out and laid down on the floor while nausea climbed into my throat. Usually when I have this physical reaction something is broken and I believe it may be the case in this situation, also. The finger is swollen from the first knuckle to the tip and looks like it may be an entirely different color soon. I have it taped right now to stabilize it because, naturally, I keep bumping it every time I turn around. You know how it is...if you hurt something, that is the only part of your body that ever gets bumped. Ever. Not much else I can do but wait until it doesn't hurt anymore.

So...who wants to play?


Rhonda said...

OH NO.............. OUCH!!!! And why is it that the injured part always gets bumped or bit!!!

Hope it's not broken and the pain subsides........

Our Family of 5 said...