Thursday, March 20, 2008


The number of nights Kevin has been in our arms forever. There were 208 nights of his life prior to that moment. He is officially longer with us than without us. How sweet is that?

Unfortunately, he is pretty miserable today. The cold that he had shaken off so fast, he gave to me and I, in turn, have apparently given it back to him. He woke up last night all congested again and I had to slather him all up in Baby Vicks before he could go back to sleep (that stuff works really well for him). He looks awful today and is just plain yucky.

Take a look:


Baby John's Crib said...

Awww, poor Kevin. Awww, poor Tam!

I will say a prayer you guys are feeling better soon.

Mommy2B said...

awe so sad he is sick.
Still the cutest boy!

PS: I didn't know they made baby vicks...I have so much to learn.
Kylie also has a cold and an ear infection. UGH

Ashley said...

Your son is SUCH a cutie patootie pie!!!!

Donna said...

Oh poor little baby!! Love the Pj's though and Austin and Logan often sport the onesie flap out the back despite hubby's protests...but sometimes snappin' just aint a priority!

Happy 209 days!!

Terry said...

Aw...poor little guy! Hope he's feeling better by now.

And you've reached a huge milestone...doesn't it feel great?

Laurie & Damian said...

Oh poor sweetie! I hope he is better soon. No fun being sick like that.