Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, the tub surround is in and, oh, what a difference! We haven't painted above it, yet, so you can still see the drywall and Spackle. We're still deciding on a color...probably a yellow color...

On Tuesday Dad will return to start tearing off the tile on the side walls. The wall where the toilet, sink, and medicine cabinet are will be done last. We'll be buying a new, updated toilet that doesn't use 5 gallons of water every time it's flushed and a new medicine cabinet. I'm not sure about the sink. My sister loves this old sink and thinks we should keep it. The only other option is a pedestal sink because the heat vent is under the sink and we can't put a vanity over it. I'm not sure which would be better for resale...It seems the current sink would be incongruent with the rest of the bathroom updated, but I don't know...

Here is the before pic of the side and back walls:

The sink (please ignore the grime on it...I'm still not done cleaning up the mess from tearing out the walls):
So....we had a Supervisor meeting today. Apparently, my call-off on Sunday sent my DON over the edge because on Friday the 3-11 Supervisor had also called off. I told her that it's my 2nd call off in 5 years and to give me a break already. In the meeting she tried to discuss an "on call" schedule for the RNs. Ain't never going to happen. People flipped out because there's no good way to implement, or enforce, it. How are you going to make people come in if they're off? They just won't answer the phone. They already don't answer the phone. What if the on call person is sick? What are people supposed to do with their kids while on call? She kinda dropped the subject, but we'll see.
I told her, and everybody backed me (not for me, but because it affects them) that they need to hire a second RN for weekends to work the floor. That way when I'm on vacation or, God forbid, get sick they will have no worries. They can just pull the RN floor nurse to supervise. Problem freakin' solved. I also told her that they need to schedule an extra nurse on the weekends. Not just one per floor because when a single nurse calls off, that's 2 shifts that have to get covered because of our 16 hour shifts. If it doesn't get covered, then I'm stuck on the floor for 16 hours and that's not a safe situation.
I then brought up the fact that I was actually scheduled for the floor on Sunday (the DON did have to work 3-11 on Sunday when I called off but, as I predicted in my previous post, she got somebody to work so she wouldn't have to take the floor also) because she and the Administrator (and, yes, he was there when I said it) had caved in to the whining of the nurse that could have been bumped so I would have had enough nurses in the building. I told her that was bull (and I was backed by everyone on this issue, also). The Administrator was saying that it's not fair to bump the weekend nurse. I said, "So it's a better idea to not have enough nurses to cover the floors and the person in charge of the whole building has to take a floor?" My DON actually said to him, "I have to back Tami on this. It's her license on the line and she shouldn't have to take a floor if it can be prevented." MmmHmm. Tha's right, sista. They have reversed their previous decision and my nurses will be bumped, if necessary. Game, set, match. I win and all it took was one call off. Go me.


Baby John's Crib said...

Looking good! Gotta love the dads who do this stuff for us. I don't know how close yours is, but mine is several hundred miles south. Yet, he still visits and doesn't mind being given a list of things to do when he gets here. I can't wait to see pics of the finished product!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Keep the sink! Love it!!! Bathroom is looking really good!

Rachel said...

Hey Tam :D

I just got cought up on things happening over the last month, congrats on the 209 :D

Kevin is such a cutie!

I would have never been able to quit without you, I know you can do it again :D

I have this bookmarked now so I can better keep track, my laptop cought on fire and I lost everything on it including the way I get my online bookmarks, sigh.

Glad to be back :D