Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What to do? What to do?

It seems like it's been forever since we began to look into moving, although it's only been a couple of weeks. I found out that buying the modular and putting it on a piece of land in the Back Mountain is financially impossible. I didn't realize that you must have a minimum of an acre to put in a septic system and what the cost of that would be in that area is prohibitive. We won't even mention the taxes. So now we're looking at existing homes in that area. I got a notice from my real estate agent of one that we're interested in seeing (even though it totally needs repainted inside...I'm so over the mauve thing), but I really want to do a drive-by on it first. We've done that on a couple of others that immediately made us rule them out. The pictures always make the house look in better shape than it actually is. At least so far. Problem is, my dad and sister are coming down tomorrow to begin the renovation of my current bathroom and I'm not sure how many days it'll take to get done. I'll probably be tied up the rest of the week, at least. Oh! Note to self...I need to remember to do a "before" and "after" pic!

I do not want to stay in this area. If I'm going to be stuck here, then I might as well just add on...


In other news, Kevin has his first cold since being home. The poor baby. He seemed better today than he was yesterday, though.

Do any of you moms still get those, "Holy crap, I'm a mom" moments? They come out of the blue on me sometimes. One hit me today as I was walking through the store with Kevin and I thought, "He's my son! I have a son!" Wow. Surreal, sometimes.


Baby John's Crib said...

Hi Tam,

Have you looked at any foreclosures? You've seen my blog - they come with lots of dirt and ugly wallpaper, but you can get a lot more house for the sweat equity. We got ours for so much under the market value that what we saved paid for the new kitchen. I tell everyone Countrywide Mortgage bought me a kitchen!

I used to dread going to shop for anyone else's baby, I got so emotional in the baby department. Finally, the "I'm a mom!" moment came when I looked at all the sweet baby outfits, didn't get emotional once, then decided to hit the clearance rack for my own baby :-)

Good luck with your house search!

Lisa said...

I hope you find the perfect house for all of you very soon. It's stressful being in the "unknown zone" of what will happen.

I do still have those "oh crap" moments ALL the time, especially with Ian. It was so hard and so long to get him here, at times he still scarcely feels real to me. I just can't believe that I finally have a SON. It blows me away!

Aren't we lucky? :)

Laurie & Damian said...

Yes I totally have those, OMG I'm a mom moment, all the time, and I have 2 kids now (Aack!).