Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kevin has been tagged

Tommy has tagged me to tell ten facts about myself. I'll try not to show up my mommy, but it'll be tough 'cause, well, it's obvious isn't it?

1. I am sleeping through the night. Mommy finally figured out that she's better off not waking me up when entering my (our) bedroom if she'd like me to not have a miserable night...even if she needs to sleep on the couch to do it. Sorry Mommy, but you really need to get moving on that addition if you're going to do it.

2. Tommy thinks he's the dancing king, but he doesn't have anything on me. HA! Dancing With The Stars? I'll see you there, Tommy!

3. I love to eat, but I'm so svelte! Mommy is insanely jealous over this. When I really love something that I'm eating I start saying "YUMMM" over and over and bounce up and down while kicking my feet.

4. I'm taking a few steps at a time on occasion, but I'm not really walking yet. It's not that I'm afraid, or anything. I just want everyone to really want it before I reward them with truly walking. I do walk while holding one hand, though...

5. I say "Mommy" and "Noni" clear as a bell regularly. I say other words, but nobody could understand them other than Mommy or Noni. Every time I get my diaper changed I say "di" or "dite" over and over. Every once in a while I'll throw them a bone and say a word clearly only to not say it again. I don't mean to let them know that I can say stuff. I've been trying to keep it a secret, but I slip up once in a while. It drives Mommy nuts.

6. When my diaper is poopy I say, "uckkk". This is said from the throat. Say the word "yuck" and draw out the consonants at the end. That's the sound.

7. I love The Wiggles show more than any other. I do love the music!

8. I take shameless advantage of Noni. She can't bear to hear me cry so I pull it out when Mommy's at work and Noni wants to put me down for a nap. She falls for it almost every time. It doesn't work on Mommy so I rarely even try it with her. I don't know why I do this to Noni. I only make myself miserable, but Oh! The power!

9. When Mommy or Noni is holding me, but not giving me their undivided attention, I will lean forward in their arms and attempt to look toward their face until they look at me and then I give the biggest smile. I'm so darn cute!

10. I'm mostly still taking two naps a day, but am slowly transitioning to one 3 or 4 hour one (I took a 4 hour nap today).

OK...John, I'm tagging YOU!

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Baby John's Crib said...

Got it, will post this weekend as I'm too tired right now.......... John