Thursday, April 17, 2008

Once and done

I tried to put Kevin on the potty again tonight before his bath and he screamed his bloody little head off. It may have been a bad time to try because he was tired and cranky already...I don't really expect to potty train him already (although I've read about people who are successful this young), but I do want him to start getting used to the idea of sitting on the toilet without freaking out and thinking he's going to fall in.

Terry-I got him to do it yesterday by sitting him on it, while I was holding him, around the time I figured he would need to go (about 1 1/2-2 hours after his last diaper change). I got lucky because his diaper was still dry so I hit the window. When I sat him down, I poured warm water on his inner thigh. He peed almost immediately following that.

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Donna said...

Yeah, we had an initial little introduction to the potty and there really wasn't that much interest, so we'll wait and see another day.

Just caught up on the post about your Mom, hope things are going better. I fully support and agree your decisions.