Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What are the odds?

My dryer is near death. Runs for 2 hours and the clothes are nowhere near dry, all of a sudden. To be fair, I don't even know how old the thing is. I got it second hand, from a friend, about 10 years ago. I certainly can't complain. Especially since it was free. Along with the washer. My stove is about 8 years old. It's a smooth top and we cracked the top in the beginning of summer. The crack goes right across one of the large burners, so I've made do with the one large burner and 2 small ones while waiting for the moment some liquid goes down the crack and electrocutes me. Don't worry. I've covered the crack with blue painter's tape to help to keep that from happening. High class all the way. I've been meaning to get a new stove since it happened, but you probably know by now how much I procrastinate. I decided to buy new rather than replace the ceramic top because, with the stove being 8 years old, I just know I'd get a new top and then the whole stove would die, or something.

I also had to buy a new A/C this summer. Do appliances always die within a short time of each other?

Although I've made do with the stove while risking life and limb, but cannot survive without a dryer. This is the thing that has finally prompted me to get shopping. My intent was to buy just about the least expensive dryer I could find. I also intended to buy an inexpensive washer because I figure that I might as well replace my ancient one at the same time since the clock is probably ticking on that sucker, also. That was my intent. But. I wound up ordering a HE washer and its matching dryer. I'm inordinately excited about my purchase. I wish the pics could do them justice, but, if I try to enlarge them, they just get all fuzzy:

After I told the salesman that I would take those, I told him I needed a stove. I'm pretty sure the one pictured is the one I ordered. To be honest, once I heard the ridiculously inexpensive price he gave me (It was on clearance and he knocked another 30% off), I swooned and can't be absolutely positive of it. I'm pretty sure this is the one, though. I love, love, love that it has dual burners on the two large ones. Both large burners are in front, also, which I also love.

You just know that I'll be shopping for a refrigerator soon, don't you?



Vanessa said...

I'm SO glad that it's not only my house that things like this happen in!! At the begining of summer myw aher, dryer and fridge all went out at the same time and two weeks before the central A/C had to be replaced!! I just wanted to cry because I hated to spend all that dough but man I had to!

Baby John's Crib said...

Murphy's law, girl, murphy's law. At my old house, the A/C went out, then a week later, I'm sitting in my basement office, and kept hearing drips. I look up, and see water dripping out of the fuse box. Talk about the last place you want to see water dripping.......

When we got ready to sell that house, 1 day before it was to go on the market, I walked into the attic during a heavy rains, only to find the roof leaking in 3 places. We lived there 10 frikken years without a problem, and it decides to go then?