Friday, October 31, 2008

Because she must have a portable outlet, or something

So Katie calls a few minutes ago from trick-or-treating. At 15, but whatever. She asks if she can come in the house to get her phone charger (she stays at her dad's on the weekends) because she forgot it. Now, normally this wouldn't be an issue, but the boy just got done screaming crying fighting going to sleep and ain't nobody going up those stairs before morning and taking the chance of waking him now. Especially since it's a Friday night. Eh-hem.

She has to be at her dad's house by 9:30. It's already after 9. She's bitching that her phone is going to go dead before she gets there. Uh-not if you get off the phone now and quit wasting the battery on this lost cause. So she says, "Now I'm going to be on the streets without a phone." My eyes are just about stuck up under my eyelids from not being able to stop rolling them over this one. How about the 87 friends that you're with that all have cell phones? And, even more curiously, how the hell did she think she was going to charge it while roaming the streets?

Just pick it up in the morning, kid.

I'm still marveling that I ever survived childhood without all the things that kids have now-a-days. I also marvel that said kids feel that it's their God given right to have them to begin with.


Rhonda said...

Ugh, we miraculously made it through two boys through teenhood but now with truly NOT sure we're going to survive through all over again with the girls, hahahahahaha
I believe they feel "entitlement". We politely told our TEEN boys exactly what they could do with that theory!

Vanessa said...

LOL!! Girl I'm not looking forward to those days at all!