Friday, October 17, 2008

Why me? Sigh.

I swear. It's always some damn thing that goes wrong for me in any plan.
I, being the kind soul that I am, decided to make things as easy as possible for the delivery guys today. Besides, it was the perfect chance to wash the walls in the laundry room. As I mentioned, I took the washer and dryer outside last night. Today, I washed the walls where they were because, I don't know about y'all, but I don't move out my washer and dryer to clean behind them on a regular basis. Maybe I should. Then I cleared all the furniture out of the way between the front door and my kitchen for the stove. My house looked like it had been tilted on its side.
As a side note, I decided I'd love to downsize my furniture. It's amazing how big the rooms look when all that big ol' furniture is out of the way. The furniture never looks that big in the furniture store until it gets home and then it's, like, huge.
First of all, these guys were nice enough, but I'm sure glad I wasn't paying them by the hour because they took 3 times as long as I would have if I did it my damn self. Honestly. I was just about to hip-check the stereotypicalfatbellyheavybreathingasscrackshowing one guy the hell out of my way and say, "Just let me do it, already!" It took about an hour just to take the old stove out and bring the new stove in! WTF?! It took Katie and I 10 minutes to take the washer and dryer outside last night. A fifteen year old girly-girl and a 5'1" woman.
After I rolled my eyes through this, while all the while being as sweet as could be, they went back out to the truck. They were gone about 20 minutes. You really have no idea how irritating this was for me. Finally, dude #1 comes back to the door and tells me that they didn't notice at the store, but there's a dent in the dryer on the side and they can knock 10% off if I wanted to take it and, if not, they can bring me another one back tomorrow. I asked which side of the dryer. He tells me the right side. Figures. The right side is the side that would be showing. He asked if I wanted to see it. Yes, I did. I went out to the truck and it was a pretty big dent. I said, "You can only take 10% off for that? Because that's pretty big." He said he could call in to the manager and I told him to do just that. The manager, after yelling at the guy for not noticing the dent and me looking around like I couldn't hear him blaring out of the 2-way, said to offer $150 off. I was cool with that 'cause I'm all about saving money. They finally bring it in, lose one of the screws to hook the plug up to, spent at least 20 minutes looking for it, until I went to my toolbox to see what I had available. I had one. They tell me they can't hook the vent up to it because it's a plastic one...I know that's not their fault so I kicked them out of my way and did it mydamnself. Then they tested it....THUNK...THUNK...THUNK...THUNK and it got HOT. Sigh. Disconnect and take back outside.
Bring in washer. I had left the hoses from the old washer hooked up to the water source because I had no idea if new hoses would come with the new washer, or not. Now, this is very important...the old hoses were hooked up to the water source. The other end of each were not hooked up to anything. Dude #2 wasn't sure if the water was turned off before he was going to remove them...Do you see where this is going? He turned the fucking water on. I about bit my entire face off to not scream, "YOUSTUPIDFUCK,IFTHEWATERWASONITWOULDBEFLOWINGOUTOFTHEENDOFTHEHOSEALREADY!!!
Now I have no dryer until tomorrow. I work 16 hour shifts on the weekend. They are not allowed to hook up the vent hose. Roni can't do it. Ergo, I have to wait until Monday to move the dryer back out, to hook up the vent and do some laundry. Laundry that is really piling up, BTW.


Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness!! Some people really suck at their jobs as I learned today!! I was fuming when it took Pep Boys over two hours to put new tires on my van!! Shheessshh I could have done that!

Lisa said...

Yep, a comedy of errors. That sucks. If it makes you feel any better, that kind of stuff always happens to me too.