Friday, October 3, 2008

The story of my life...

This right here?

Posted by ShoZu

Yeah. It about sums things up right now. Finding my sewer line blocked by tree roots was the capper on my week. Two hundred and eighty dollars later...that is 2-8-0 y'all...and we can use our plumbing again. You just don't realize how precious it is until you don't have it.

After playing phone tag half the week with the Personnel woman at the facility I called to ask about a position, I have an interview for Monday. Monday. My worst day. I can go and look like I'm hung over because I'm just not at my best on that day...sigh. In a way, though, Monday is good because I will have been reminded over the weekend why I am trying to leave a job I've been at for so long. See, by now, my memory becomes foggy and my irritation level with the place is way down because I've been away for days, but I'm sure that by Sunday night I'll be aggravated again and will be happy to check out a new place.

I'm making myself a nervous wreck thinking about it. I've never had to have an interview before. I was pretty much just hired on the spot for this job that I'm at. What the hell do I even wear?! I have nothing! I live in jeans or shorts and scrubs. All my "good" clothes from when I was a manager are either gone or outdated.

I think I'm gonna puke


Andrea said...

Oh, do I feel your pain. We actually had the same thing happen with the roots in our sewer line. BUT, we had about $14,000 (yes, you read that right) in repairs that were charged to our HOA. Thank GOODNESS!

Good luck with the job interview! I am sure you'll do fine! I would recommend something business casual-nice slacks and a nice blouse. Always worked for me as a manager :)

You're going to do great!

Rhonda said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts and best wishes. Sorry for the repairs, yikes.........

Baby John's Crib said...

Sorry for the repairs.

Good luck with your interview. I don't know if you have a Macy's by you, but I found a Jones New York black pinstripe business pantsuit marked down from $300 to $38 (after I used a 20% coupon) a couple of months ago. I'd rather go overdressed to an interview than underdressed, for me, it's a confidence thing.

Terry said...

OMG! That van is never a good sign!

Good luck at the interview...I'm sure you'll do well. I always wear nice black pants and a shirt to an interview (because black pants are good for any event) or a nice skirt and shirt. Basically whatever I would wear to work, but in your case, that's scrubs. Not sure if they would go over well Monday.