Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well, gosh, maybe next year?

I had some high(er) hopes for Christmas this year regarding Kevin and his gift receiving reaction as compared to last year's "nada" reaction. Granted, it was a smidge better in that he'd take a gift that I had to unwrap for him and run off to play with it quietly on the couch, but he still didn't get involved in the whole unwrapping thing himself. *Sigh* When I pulled off the "Santa Sack" from his "Bounce and Spin Zebra", he ran away whining.


He did wind up playing with it, cautiously, a little later, but still hasn't gotten on it and really let loose, yet.

He did much, much better this year at the family gathering at my brother's. No withering or whining...just running around and pretty much at ease for the most part.

I did a lousy job at getting any pictures, ya know, with all the freakin' unwrapping I had to do. I got a pic of him in his little suit and a few pics of him off on the couch with his favorite toy still in its box...
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Kylie's Mommy said...

Oh Tami, same thing happened here.
We are hoping next year is the year it sinks in.

Rhonda said...

LOVE the picture of Kevin in his suit. That is truly soooo adorable. It took Emily a while to get used to the zebra thing too. She actually brought all her presents to her big brother and had him unwrap them for her!!!! We had a hard time as she wanted to sit down and open ALL of them right away instead of waiting until everyone was finished. Oh well, next year!

Pug and I said...

He looks so dignified in his little suit. Adorable :)