Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oh, my LORD!

First off...thanks, Zoot, for commenting! You are one of my favorite bloggers and I felt a little like I got an autograph from a rock star. Thank-you, too, Rach. You always rock.

On to my day from hell...

Kevin, the cute little whippersnapper that he is, was in a foul, foul mood today. Foul, I tell ya. Linda Blair comes to mind. He woke up smiling, as usual, and that lasted for 1 1/2 hours. After that, well, let's just say that the whiningandcryingnevermotherfuckingstopped. He flatly refused to take his first nap, which is normally about 2 hours after he gets up. It's not because he wasn't tired. Oh no. That would've been fine and I wouldn't have been ready to rundownthestreetnakedandscreaming. We tried everything I could think of to please him...

We tried holding him:

The swing:

The Exersaucer:

The other swing:

The basket of toys:

And the rest....:

I wanted to try these...:

...But Roni wouldn't let me.

Even the dogs are exhausted!
He finally, finally, finally took a nap at 12:30PM. 'Cause y'all? If I would've had to run down the street naked and screaming? That. That would've really given my neighbors something to talk about.
Now? Now he's woken up again. Say a prayer for me, will ya?


Barb said...

Good Luck with the rest of the day! Just know...this too shall pass! ;)

Pug Mom said...

Oh my dear. Poor Tam. Wow - I can only imagine how frustrating that is. I once heard a comedian talking about children, and he said something I had to laugh and yet agree with (and I quote):
"My sister has two kids, I don't have any kids, but the way she makes it sound, it sounds pretty badass. My sister's really smart, and I ask her, "What's it like having kids?" She says, "All right, this is what it's like: I MADE people. And I fucking love them SO much, OMG, it's insane. Don't ever tell me you love your dog, you don't know what the fuck that means! Really, it's a biological trick. It's a chemical your brain produces called oxytocin, and it's to keep you from strangling the little motherfuckers because they never go to sleep and they don't shut the fuck up, and it's always about them, all right? But whatever. You know what? I don't care. I don't care. And my husband comes home and says, "How are our little people doing?" And we hold hands, and we watch them shit their pants, and it's fucking awesome! Okay, it's fucking AMAZING. I've never been happier."

I died laughing, and yet, so true.

Baby John's Crib said...

It's probably a good thing he's so cute!

You have my sympathy - I've had many a day with a crabby teething baby. It gets better.

Love the picture of the dogs!

Andrea said...

I know it's not nice to laugh at your day from h*ll, but this post had me busting out laughing! Particularly the hammer, squirt gun, and tape. Hope your day gets better!!

Lisa said...

Tam, I hope today was better. It's so hard adjusting to parenting in the first place-suddenly you have this little person who needs you for everything-but when you add in teething and tiredness and who knows what else to the mix (getting sick? growth spurt? etc...) it gets even harder.

Hang in there, concentrate on the good times when you can, and get out of the house (of course leaving him with Roni) when you just can't stand it anymore. That's what parents do, and it's okay. There will be so many times-some of them coming up here VERY soon, when he will knock your socks off doing something sooooo cute, or sweet, and you will be bowled over at the amount of love and gratitude you feel. Those moments make the awful crap bearable. Really. :)

Kristen and the Gang said...

I hear ya, sista!!!! I have many days like that...hang in there! his to shall pass! And it is a damn good thing he is cute...hehehe!

zoot said...

Been there - done ALL of those! And seriously, I subscribe to your site in my Feed Reader! I'm here everyday lurking! hehe.

Anonymous said...

I used to keep a picture of my kids as babies on the refrigerator so I wouldn't smother them in their sleep as teenagers!! LOL!

Hang in there, girl - it will get better!

A Grandma

art-sweet said...

Oh those days. We have had LOTS of those days with Mr. "I'm too cool for naps" Pepito. They SUCK.