Sunday, October 21, 2007

This kid could NEVER sleep on someone's bed yet!

We went to "family dinner" at my sister's house today. Kevin was in one of his "screw napping" moods this morning which means he was an absolute delight! while visiting. Everyone always suggests we "lay him on the bed" to nap at their house. HA! Not possible. I'll show you why...

Last weekend I took Kevin to meet my dad and his wife...They were quite smitten with him. You may wonder why this was the first time they've met...or maybe not...but, anyway, maybe someday I'll write about my relationship with my father...or maybe not. Gotta be in one of "those" moods for that tale. Regardless: Meet my father and his wife:
I'm actually in a kinda funk right now. I've been contemplating stopping blogging, but I don't want to do anything rash until I figure out if this is just a passing "mood", or not. My readership crashed after the adoption was completed. I have some "diehards" (love you guys!), but whoo! the rush of blogging and seeing those numbers was inspiring. Now, not so much. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be blogging for that reason. Blah, blah, blah. I don't know...we'll see. Maybe I just need to re-center myself and get back to how it was when I first started blogging and didn't have those numbers. It's hard to do, though. Do you keep stats? How would you react if your number were cut more than in half?


Baby John's Crib said...

As always, Kevin is too stinkin' cute, does he ever take a bad picture?

I hope you don't stop blogging, you have a great sense of humor, and it's just too fun to read your posts!

Kristen and the Gang said...

Well first of all those pics of Kevin in his crib are tooo funny!
I agree...don't stop!!! I totally look forward to coming on your blog and getting a good laugh and checking out that adorable little man!

Lisa said...

I too hope you'll keep on blogging. I don't have any other way to keep up on how you and Roni and your family are doing, and I want to know. I love your sense of humor and keeping up on how Kevin is doing.

I have never looked at my stats, and in fact have no idea how to. I don't really care, I guess, because I am mostly blogging for me, to vent and let things out...only a few friends have my blog address, so those numbers wouldn't mean much to me.

You know, I think Kevin looks a bit like your dad...look at their noses and around their eyes. :-X

rachel said...

Hey Tami! Sorry I've been MIA :D
I got to go to Texas to meet a FF mom! (We were pregnant together and her DH was just deployed) And Anya had her birthday so I have been quite busy.

On to my comments ;)

I got a laugh out of the pumpkin, er, the fact that there is a pumpkin that resembles a jack-o-lantern in your house...the pooh outfit is TOO CUTE, makes me want another boy, then I remember what Ian is like and I take that back...(I love that kid, but MAN!) I LOVE the crib, do babies really lay still enough to just laydown on a bed for a nap???

I, too would be sad if you stopped blogging, this is how I keep up with you now that we have our little ones, it's hard to have time to chat :D

Terry said...

No, No, NO! You CANNOT stop blogging! I wouldn't worry about the number of comments of you're getting....more people read that comment...I'm sure of that. I know that I read daily and always mean to comment, but sometimes end up with a screaming kid and never get around to getting back online that day. But you've got readers that want to hear from you! Only stop if you really don't want to write anymore.

Kevin, as always, is a cutie patootie! Keep the pics comin' mama....we love 'em! :)


Rhonda said...

Awww, I just found your blog not that long ago and I love your SENSE of HUMOR!!! Don't stop now.
mommy to two guatemalan princesses

Katie said...

I love seeing your new posts and pics of Kevin -- dont stop blogging !!!!

Anonymous said...

OK -I almost never comment but I do check your blog daily and have to admit I would miss it...your attitude about life goes so nicely with my morning coffee! (not that I expect you to keep blogging for the sake of a completely unkown lurker). Kevin is such a cutie of course. Sheri (CEB on

Kathy said...

Kevin is so cute! My son sleeps all over the place like that too!

Laurie & Damian said...

I like your blog because Theo and Kevin are basically always doing the same stuff. Sometimes I read your posts and think I could have written it. Guess that happens with you have boys from Guatemala the same age! But I do understand if you need a break, I don't blog much anymore as free time is kind of a joke these days. haha.

Jessica said...