Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10 days

All of a sudden the trip to Florida is coming up fast. All of a sudden I'm getting nervous. What if the drive sucks with a 1 year old? What if he hates Disney World (perish the thought!)? What if he freaks out? Deep breath, Tam. Just go with the flow...


Presenting the evidence of how Kevin fights his naps on the weekend for poor Roni. Could he look any more tired?

He's learned the joy of using a walking toy. He just hasn't figured out how to steer it yet. He took off with this yesterday:


Baby John's Crib said...

Kevin is just too &856'*& cute!

Yes, you'll learn soon. &856'*& is a word. It's prounouced FFFFFFFFFMMMMMAAAHHH.

Congratulations on your trip, I bet he LOVES it! I hope your family has great weather, and a lot of fun!

Laurie & Damian said...

thanks for the comments on my blog! I feel like we are in a parallel universe....the Leap Frog table thing, the walking toy, sleep issues, the list goes on.... have fun in Florida! (unfortunately that is something we are not able to do - I"m so jealous :-))

Rhonda said...

Have been there with a 15 month old and was a 14 hour trip one way. The answer my friend is called DVD PLAYER!!!!! Our two are mesmerized by it when they're strapped in their car seats. I love the "continuous" play button, LOL

You will have an awesome time.


Terry said...

Add Baby Einstein to the DVD player's playlist. As soon as Tommy hears it, he stops whatever he's doing and is instantly mesmerized. It' a good thing it's educational.

Have a great trip!