Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Got a bunch of stuff done today:

I still need to get to the drugstore for our scripts, to the vet for Carly's Heartgard, pack, change the filter in the furnace so it doesn't die on me like the ill fated trip of November 2006, get the dog's licenses, make sure all the bills are paid for during the time we'll be gone, pack, drop the dogs off at the kennel, get beer and cigs to get through the next few days of stress, pack, go to a different grocery store that sells a particular snack for Roni that, for some reason, nobody else carries, lug Roni's scooter up from the basement, gas up the van, buy ice for the cooler, obsessively check the forecast online for Orlando (cross your fingers for me for warm weather and no freakin' rain), set up the DVD player in the van for Kevin in the hopes that it's enough to keep him happy and, more importantly, quiet. Did I mention that we need to pack?...that's all I can think of off the top of my head...

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