Monday, January 28, 2008

Grrrrr! and Happy birthday Kevin!

Let me preface by saying that I actually enjoy driving to WDW for the most part. The problem is there are so many assholes that you'll drive next to, or around, when you drive a trip of that distance.

This is to a few of the ones that aggravated me:

Hey, fool! Yeah, you in the blue Jeep Liberty. Let me give you a freakin' clue. When driving on a 3 lane highway with a speed limit of 70, a clue that maybe you shouldn't be in the middle lane doing 50 is when people are passing you in the slow lane. It's fools like you who cause accidents. Move the fuck over where you belong.

Yo dorkhead! Yeah, you in the Ford truck. When driving on a 3 lane highway with a speed limit of 70 (again/still) and the slow lane is jammed up with the appropriate slow traffic and I am in the middle lane actively passing them while there is not a bloody soul in the 3rd lane, do not ride my freakin' ass!!! Use the motherfucking 3rd lane! That is what it is for. Why the fuck would you choose to attempt to drive up my tailpipe instead of passing me. I can't move over into the slow lane and I'll be damned if I'll speed up for you. Fuckwad.

To the shithead in the big ol' overcompensatingforsomething truck. When driving on a 2 lane road and one of us had her turn signal on to get in the lane you are in because her part of the road is ending, do not speed up so the only choice she has is to either A) speed up even faster and scoot in front of you and possibly then get in an accident because you're a dickhead, or B) slow down to almost a stop in order to not fly off the road while you flex your manly truck-dick. I think you truly pissed me off the most because it was just plain rude. You could have killed me and my family dickweed, but thanks for waking me up with that adrenaline rush. Prick.

Sorry. Had to get that out.

I'm on the wrong computer to be able to post any pics right now, but I'll get to it. We just got home and are still settling in and I'm so damn tired...

Last, but not least...

Happy birthday Kevin!!!!!

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chitwood said...

I enjoyed your post, same thoughts I have often had.