Wednesday, May 30, 2007

People...please help!

Please. I need you to delurk. Seriously. I'm in a crisis and I need your help because I. Hate. My. Hair. I used to laugh an evil laugh when women all around me worried about which way they were facing when the wind blew. You your hair doesn't get messed up and blow in your face. That would be because I had hair that was, like, half an inch long. It was great. Once I did it in the morning there was nary a comb in sight for the rest of the day. The wind? I laughed. Roller Coaster? HAHA! No worries at all.


I started the adoption process and my HS SW told me that Guatemalans wouldn't like my hair and to...and I quote..."Grow it out in long, flowing waves." OK....I was ready for a change anyway.

Have you ever tried to grow hair out that was, like, a half an inch long? 'Nuff said.

Luckily, my hair grows freakishly fast. Now I'm one of those women facing the wind. Very. Freaking. Annoying.

I don't know what to do with it. Do I keep it long...if so, how to style it? Do I lop it off? Something in between? I need unbiased opinions...I get mixed reactions from friends and family. I actually had a 70ish year old co-worker tell me to cut it off again. That one surprised me and is actually what sent me into my current quandary.

So you can get an idea of my "before", "during" and "now" hair, I am providing pictures...


Anonymous said...

Ok, I will fully admit, I'm a lurker on your blog and I'm in LOVE with it! You keep me laughing on days I feel like I could literally leap out of my bedroom window because the adoption journey is so draining! I cannot believe your Social Worker told you to grow your hair out! WTH? Anyways, I think your hair looks great both ways and my vote is for the longer hairdo, however, I can relate...the wind can be an issue! Best of luck and I'll stop lurking!!!

Trina waiting in PGN for AJ.

Tam said...

Thanks Trina (for the compliment and the vote)! Now, unless you click on my blog, like, 100 times a day, I know there's more people out there....

Anonymous said...

LOL, well I did just read your blog for the 2nd time today, but I'm not up to 100x yet...however I may get there in time! I am addicted to reading blogs! could make a person go crazy(or crazier, in my case!) So, I'm watching your journey and hoping to see you out soon! Btw, I'm not to far from Philly...who knows Kevin and AJ may meet one day!

Jessica said...

I say go short. It really should be about what's more comfortable for YOU, anyway. And I seriously doubt anyone in Guatemala would even think twice about it. And even if they did, who cares? No one at the Westin pool is going to keep you from bringing Kevin home.

I'm not brave enough to go super-short, but I do like a lot of shorter 'dos I see. Maybe a little longer on top and tapered down the sides and in the back? Have you looked through some hair magazines or hair websites for ideas? Might be a good starting point.

-Jess from FTC

Tam said...

Thanks, Jess. Yeah, I did the whole magazine pic thing...I like some of them, but my hair simply won't cooperate with the styles that I like. The "long, flowing waves" are hair ends up looking a mess.

So, we're officially tied. Good thing I did this! LOL!

Julie said...

Okay, I am another lurker.

I personally say go with what you are comfortable with. Trust me when that baby comes home you will definately want easy and outta your face.

Matthew, our Guatemalan Prince came home only 5 months ago and I honestly have not thought about my hair, my life, my anything. Sad huh.

My vote is for short, it fits you, like I know you from stalking, errr I mean reading....once in a while....your blog.

Not to go on but a year ago I did not know what a blog was and I started reading Michellesmiles and got hooked. Now I think I know my stranger*blog*frieds better than my real life friends.

And by the way, I am in shock that your social worker said that. But hey after the hell I have went through with our adoption, NOTHING surprises me EVER.


Laurie & Damian said...

Personally, I like the long hair, but I don't want to mess up the vote. I read your blog. I am now addicted to several blogs. It's fun and helps to pass the time while we sit and wait for our cases to be signed off on.

art-sweet said...

I think I like the midlength the best... but my hair will never be long again because I don't have the patience!

Donna said...

SORRY! I've had my head in the sand for the last few days or I SO would have voted when you frist asked!

Actually, I would have to first pick myself up off the floor at the stupid comment your agency made. Whatever!!!

But as it happens, I like the last picture, the longer hair.

I am someone who had the same hair from 1991 until 2003 -- long and curly and usually worn up.

I decided to "style" it after a life changing event of failed IVF, quitting my full-time, stressful job and stepping out into a whole new relaxed/easy-going me.

SO - what I have found that best works is to find a skilled hair technician (hint: if you're paying under $10 bucks, probably not who/what I am referring to) and have them "get to know your hair" tee hee hee.

Basically - what you are looking for is someone who can cut/style your hair in a way that it can function as a wash and go.

You will not have time to maintain the hair nor will you want to once Mr. Kevin is in your arms... heck, who am I kidding, who wants to deal with stylin their hair on any given day!!!
Best of luck and keep on bloggin' We love it!!

Tam said...

Well, now I understand the split vote with my friends and family....I have 3 votes for long, 1 for mid-length and 3 for short (got 1 via email)...I'm probably going to hack it off...after Kevin comes home. So I have time to ponder yet. Thanks for the votes!

Anonymous said...

Tami I am not usually a lurker, but I am today! I think you should go to a salon and get a cool new hair do! Maybe something stacked in the back and sort of like a bob. If that makes any sense?!?

But I think if you like it short then keep it short. I have friends with short hair who adopted from guatemala, and they had no problems.

(gwenrenee007 from your forum otherwise known as Gwen)