Thursday, May 3, 2007

Very interesting...

Today the ADA posted a message that no votes took place yesterday in the Guatemalan Congress due to...well...basically not enough of them showed up. I think this is good, but I'm no lawyer. At least adoptions aren't coming to a screeching halt in the immediate future, so onward we trudge and wait (mostly wait). The ADA also posted that they are going to "file criminal charges against the PGN for their delays in giving the opinions that by law they are obligated to give within three days". Whoa. I've been torn on whether to be elated or scared about this. What happens if PGN gets really PO'd? You know what they say about payback. Then I read a post on a message board that said that they had done this in the past and it worked. This particular person said that she was OUT (can't even write that word in small letters anymore) in 7 weeks. The 7 weeks included a KO that took 2 weeks to fix and it was over the Christmas holidays! If you know about Guatemalan adoptions, you know how amazingly fast that is! Hence, my elation. It won't be long (please...) and Kevin will be in PGN. I'm only waiting to get out of FC and to get my PA. Both should be very soon (please...). I can only dream that my PGN stay is that short.

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