Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coincidence? I think NOT!

Seriously. Are you @&%$ing KIDDING me?!

Today I got a call from my CM to tell me I got a KO yesterday because....get this...the SW wrote in her report that "the child was present during the interview" and the reviewer wants her to write "the child was in my sight during the interview". Holy. Shit. That's all I have to say about that. Well, not really.
I bought the freakin' minivan yesterday. Got KO'd yesterday. Hmmmm.
I could puke.

Chanting to myself..."the secret, the secret".
On the bright side (ever the freaking optimist), at least my KO came relatively quick and it was an easy fix that will be resubmitted tomorrow.
Will it be the last? I think I'll put off buying the baby stuff after all. Look WTF happened on the day of the minivan purchase. I'm. Done. Tempting. Fate.

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Julie said...

I am soooo sorry about your KO. This is the first time I have looked at your blog and you are freaking hysterical.

I got hooked on blogs with michelle smiles. I am with your agency also.

I just brought my Guatemalan Prince home in December. It was not a fun journey -- it was HARD.

Nice to meet you, I see you post on the board.

Julie Lussier