Monday, May 28, 2007


OK....not really a "hooray", but I'll take what I can get in the good news department because, well, let's face it, I have a long haul ahead of me before I can expect good news. Kevin actually went back IN on the 24th, not the 25th. Yeah, I know, but a day is a day...

Another weekend of work answering the question of "Any news"? I'm not at the point where that bothers me and I hope I don't get there. Not that I don't understand why people do get to that point...So I tell them about the KO. Sad faces all around. Some blank faces and I have to answer the question of "why do they do that?". By the end of the weekend I was just answering, "because they can" or simply "because they're f*ckers!". Nods all around. This they understand. I tell them this may just be the beginning of the KO's. They are astounded that PGN wouldn't just find everything at once. I nod. They ask, "How can they think this is better for the babies?" Head shaking all around. I then give them the "bright side" of the know...the "at least it was and early KO and it was a quick fix". Somber faces and more head shaking ensued.

I am surprised and touched that I've had three people in work tell me that they had a dream about Kevin. One had a dream that placed us in Disney. One had a dream that she ran into us at WalMart and he was still very young. The third had a dream where she was crying and saying, "She never has to give him back". So sweet. Surprising that two out of the 3 people weren't even people that are part of my regular staff. I'll take these dreams as good signs. Like I said...I'll take the good stuff where I can get it.

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