Monday, December 10, 2007

Censoring myself is upon me....

All of a sudden it has happened. Just like that. Kevin is repeating things we say. Whoa. How can it go from me not being sure he's really saying a damn thing a little over a week ago, to this? I need time. I'm just grateful he didn't start on Friday when I was spewing the "f" word like a chant. It started Saturday. I was leaving for work and he repeated, and I'm serious here, "love you". Only it was more like, "ov ooo". Wow. No, seriously. It blew me away. Then he repeated Roni this weekend when she caught him getting into the DVD cabinet and she said "Kevin". He said, "Eh-in". Today I pulled a piece of paper out of his mouth that he stuck in there and I said "yuck". He said, you guessed it, "uck". Obviously, he could easily repeat "fuck" and it would also probably come out as "uck".

I guess I have to start censoring myself so I don't have a cursing infant/toddler on my hands...might make play dates a little tough to come by.


Rhonda said...

Ummm, guilty! Little one said "ahhhhol" when we were in the car! Yup, you might say I wasn't a happy camper when a stupid driver pulled out in front of me this weekend :)

Rachel said...

LOL...luckily Anya isn't too hip on the repeating thing, she reserves her words, because, well I don't know if she knows she has to talk for herself, Ian pretty much talks for everyone as it is.

Good Luck,