Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice T, bath time, and Oh, the drama!

This past weekend, Katie was treated to a visit to NY by her great-aunt Mary. Katie is a fanatic for the show Law & Order SVU and, much to her delight, they ran across an opportunity of a lifetime for her...She, who never shuts up, was left speechless:

Kevin waiting anxiously for his bath. He just loves bath time!

Oh, the joy!

Hard to believe this was his reaction on the visit trip:

Here, Kevin is pretending that he just can't get up. He laid there and did the occasional soft whine for quite a while waiting for me to do his bidding.

Cassie came over to investigate...

...and decided to sit on him.


Donna said...

He he - I love the pics of him laying on the floor and the puppy visiting!

art-sweet said...

These could be pictures of P'ito.

I wonder what it is about one year olds and that flopping down on the floor thing.

Rhonda said...

That puppy lying on the floor with Kevin is totally adorable. We have the same thing with our 14 month old, only she also throws herself back and hits her head on whatever is there..........geeez, love this age!