Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How the hell do I know where your hands were last?!

Holy shit.

So I was grocery shopping with Kevin yesterday. I have never gone somewhere with him that he doesn't elicit a comment from multiple people. I guess that would sound like bragging if, you know, I had a thing to do with how freakin' cute he is. For a while I wasn't sure how to respond to strangers saying how gorgeous he or she is (at least the "she" comments have stopped since I cut his hair and I can unclench my fists now). Part of me felt like I was misleading people if I said "thank-you" because so many people have said how much he looks like me and they think he's my bio son, but I wasn't comfortable telling complete strangers-in-passing his story. Finally, I just said "screw it" and have gotten more comfortable with just saying "thank-you". Is that wrong?


We were in line checking out. I was emptying the basket, so I wasn't in front of him, and this woman got in line behind us. She looked at Kevin, looked away, and did a double-take. Then she started touching his face! Arrrg! She wouldn't stop and my head was about to explode. In my head I'm saying, "Quit touching my son! Where the fuck were your hands last?!" Out loud I said nothing. I just hurried up my emptying of the cart. In hindsight, I should have hip-checked her away from him, but I was so surprised that a complete stranger would lay hands on my child that I did nothing. Finally, I pointed out to her that the other line had no waiting and she went on her way, but MAN! What would you have done or what HAVE you done in this situation?


Baby John's Crib said...

Kicked her ass. At least that is what I would have liked to do. In reality, I probably would have stood there mute while I cringed inside.

What possesses people to do this shit? I would never touch someone's child without their permission, or pat a pregnant woman's stomach for that matter.

Terry said...

Teach Kevin to blow raspberries at people! I swear....when someone gets to close to Tommy he starts spitting all over them. It usually backs them up.

And of course you should say "thank you" when someone tells you how cute he is! That or "I know" (which is actually something I say often that wrong?)


DJ Holly Rock said...

I agree with Terry...on both counts. Gia would probably hit the person on her own or try to bite her but Nino would just flirt so I might have to start teaching him to spit at people:) Or I could teach them to moon people!!! But ya know, people where I live don't try that crap, thank goodness.

We have NEVER gotten one question about our kids...everyone thinks they are our bio's, too. When people say how cute they are sometimes I say thanks and other times I say "I know, aren't they"...Well they ARE!!! Just keep doing what your doing, your son is GORGEOUS!!!

Rhonda said...

We get the "cute" comments all the time and we just say "thank you" and leave it at that. I don't care to explain to strangers either.

Our 3 year old has beautiful ringlet like hair and people want to touch it :( So I've said to a couple people "thank you for the compliment but we do ask that she not be touched by strangers and hope you can understand" and then they've stopped. I really didn't care if I offended them or not, like why in the hell did they think they had the right to touch my child anyway.

Lisa said...

Oh, I hate the stranger touch. Ick. :( It is so hard to deal with, but come up with a stock sentence and practice saying it so when you need to really say it you can.

Love all his pics, he is such a beautiful little guy. His haircut is awesome!

Kathy said...

I don't get people sometimes! Strangers talk to John and he just tells them "no, shoo away". Heaven forbid he is holding his Blue doll! He gets super defensive then and tells them Mine and shakes his finger at them. They start the conversation thinking he is cute and probably walk away thinking brat. Oh well.