Thursday, June 14, 2007

I couldn't help myself... tomorrow I'll be blogging about my latest KO. We all know what happened the very day I bought the minivan...a KO. Today I bought this:

It's Disney so there wasn't much I could do, but to buy it. Besides, I started picturing having to buy every single thing I'll need after getting OUT of PGN, and I'm starting to panic. So, there ya have first gear related baby buy. I have already decided that I'm going on the cheap for some things....I am not spending a bloody fortune on a crib that'll never be used again. I'm just not. I'm going to buy a convertible crib, dammit. At least I'll feel I got my money's worth out of it. Yeah. I'm frugal. I'm not going to buy a changing table. Dang! Those things are ridiculously expensive! Polls done with mothers that I know all show that is a huge waste of money and one they've regretted the most. I also don't want a whole high chair....I want this:

Practical. I don't really have the space for a high chair. The one thing I won't go on the cheap for is the car seat. That'll go by safety ratings first. I'm torn on the stroller thing. I need a decent one that's still manageable for me to handle weight wise. I'm thinking of the Disney trips, people. Unless I just get an umbrella stroller and rent in Disney. Hmmmm. I don't know if he'll actually need the bigger kind, or not, by the time he gets home...not sure what to do on this one.

Well, that was a thrilling post...


Jessica said...

Congrats on starting the baby shopping, Tam! Very exciting and very fun.

I have some unsolicited advice on the stroller front. Buy a good one that is also compact for trips to Disney. I know people that like the big SUV strollers, but I think you can get something just as good that's way easier to tote.

We have the Peg Perego P3, which is a full-size stroller with a snack tray and all, but it's also an umbrella stroller that folds compactly, reclines fully, and is pretty lightweight. I love it. We took it to Disney in December and it was great to have. We could have rented one in the parks, but Drew wouldn't have been nearly as comfortable and we wouldn't have had it outside of the parks. Big consideration.

There are other brands that offer similar styles - Maclaren, Inglesina, Chicco. Yeah, they're not cheap, so you'll have to consider that as well.


Rachel said...

Sending good vibes Tami :)

I'm all about baby gear, hehe, good decision on the type of highchair, I know of a lot of people that have the space savers and they love them, below is a link to a pic of our disney stroller, the only drawback is a crappy basket underneith, but it's very tall, which is hard to come by in an umbrella stroller and it only weighs 12 lbs, and folds long, but very small otherwise :)

It's the Inglesina Swift Stroller :) Just thought I'd share :)

lol...Jessica and I were posting at the same time, hehe :)

Tam said...

Thanks, Jess and Rachel, for the stroller help...I'll have to check them out.

art-sweet said...

Repeat after me:

PGN does not have access to your shopping history. It only SEEMS that way. PGN does not have access to your shopping history.

I'm sorry about the KO, that BITES Senor Barrios' butt.

Julie said...


Just keep repeating that!

I have no stroller advice. My mind is fried today. Been a long week.

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I made the blogroll! Wahoo. I am really cool now.

Gotta go, screaming Guatemalan Prince! UGGG



There is absolutely no reason not to give into buying things for your beautiful baby. He is coming home to you. Just think -- pregnant women don't not buy things for their babies because there is always a chance of miscarrage. We should have the same fun too, dammit!

A stroller suggestion: the Chicco C4 is fabu! We orginally had a Combi, but the space between the back wheels made it awkward walking. The Chicco folds pretty compactly and is about 15 lbs. Since our babies come home a little bigger, it is a great stroller that will last them through toddlerhood. Just my two cents (I have the same "high chair/booster for my two and love them).

Julie said...

Baby shopping is fun, indulge a little!

Regarding renting at Disney, my only warning is that you have to return the stroller at the gate which means you're stuck carrying a tired kid and all your gear back to the car at the end of the day. If you can find something you like in your price range, it's better to have your own.

I use a sling for 95% of my baby carrying needs, but that would be too much for Disney and there are just times you need a stroller. Check out resale shops for higher-end bargains--I found our Jeep Urban Terrain stroller at one for $40 and they're $115 new.