Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Too, two, to

Today I was reading a post (not an adoption post, so don't get nervous that I'm about to dis you) by a woman talking about being sick. Now, I've seen many a misuse of the English language IE: using the proper form of the word to/two/too; or there/their/they're; or are/our (that one blows me away every time). Really, there are too many to even mention. I won't even go into misspellings-there's a reason God made spellcheck and, I admit, I use it religiously. I'm sure I've made a few errors on occasion. But. Good lord in heaven. This post had me laughing for quite a while. The woman was saying that she had been so sick that she had to go to the hospital for an IV. The reason she was sick (she's fine now, BTW. This happened years ago)? Swollen limpnotes. Limpnotes, people. The words are Lymph nodes. I just keep picturing saggy paper with writing all over it clinging to her body.


Julie said...

i almost peed my pants reading this. thanks.


Rachel said...

LOL...makes you want to read the original thread, eh?

The one that bothers me is "alot".

Jessica said...

Hilarious. Nothing gets my goat more than grammatical misuse. This goes above and beyond that, though.


MaryJo said...

I was picturing musical notes flopping tragically off the page and onto the piano keys!

Mary Jo