Monday, June 11, 2007

I've gotta stop!

I am making myself absolutely bat-shit obsessing over trying to anticipate when Kevin will be home. It's a foolish thing to do because PGN is totally unpredictable. Sure, there are averages, but there are also crazy waits in that black hole. Then I read posts on the message board saying that PGN has been letting people OUT after a much shorter wait than the original 8-9 weeks I was figuring on. After my first KO, I've been back in for 2.5 weeks...some speculate an OUT after 4-6 once you're back IN. So, off I go...stomach in knots, thinking 1.5 more weeks puts me at 4 weeks! Whoa! Settle down little lassie. I know that it's silly to think that way, but it's hard not to. It's much more realistic from me to be figuring, at least, another 5.5 weeks. I know that. I do. Why can't I make my heart go where my head is?


Laurie & Damian said...

Yup, I'm right there with ya. Keep trying to guess and predict when Theo will come home. Then I have to sternly remind myself that PGN is unpredictable and who really knows. UGH. We WILL get through this!

Julie said...

PGN HELL. Been there done that.

There are some hard waits -- for example we waited 4 months for FC interveiws! UGG

But is another story. There is NO wait like PGN. If you have not been there you CANNOT imagine.

When we entered PGN I literly closed my eyes and NEVER counted, which is not me cuz I counted everything in every part of our timeline and dont tell Traci but I also (shhhhh) compared timelines (and got in big trouble) but how can you not!

Dont count. Dont look. Just focus on all the things you NEED to do before that guy comes home. Then you will be wanting to get stuff done and it will make it easier! yeah right.

I am so sorry you are in PGN Hell. I feel for you and I dread doing it again. (oops did I say that)

Nuff Said.

Hugs -- Jules

trina said...

You took the words right out of my mouth today! I am actually trying to ban myself from all the forums right now to help ease my anxiety levels! I have been doing nothing, all day long, for the last 8 weeks but obsess over other people's pgn timelines. It's a sad sad thing, lol. I've got to stop!!!...but I can't! I totally feel your pain! I'm right there with you!!!!! Please, please Mr. PGN man LET US ALL OUT!!!!!