Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sniveling & Whining

I don't know why today is so tough for me. Kevin will have been in PGN 6 weeks tomorrow and 4 weeks since his resubmission after his KO. Hopefully, he's halfway through...if there's not another KO. Another 4-5 week wait until I can hope for the OUT call. Maybe my feeling down has to do with a couple of KOs that I've seen on the boards that came at 8-9 weeks. I feel just awful for those people. They had to have thought they were getting their OUT call because of the timing. How devastating. It terrifies me to think of that happening. It has put me into a funk. I thought about making another visit trip, but, by the time I could arrange to go, the 8 weeks will be I wait and pray. Just wait and pray. It's all I can do, really.

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