Friday, June 15, 2007

Is there an engine?

Whoa! I obviously don't know diddly about strollers! I looked at a couple online that were suggested to me and I just have one question....Is there a motor on these things and maybe some foot pegs so I can ride on the back?! I can't believe the cost on some of these things. I love you guys, but...did you miss the line about me being frugal? OK, OK...tell me much do you use the thing? I'm trying to think of when I would use it....hmmm...I guess in theory I'll be taking him for nice-weather walks. It certainly would be good for me, too! The perfect motivator to get some freakin' exercise thinking of how much the thing cost and I need to get my money's worth out of it by taking my sweet baby boy outside for some nice walks. Other than that? Seems like a lot of trouble just to run in to stores....I don't it?

I do want to thank you all for boosting my confidence that it's OK to start buying stuff. The phone didn't ring with a KO today, so it's all good.


Rachel said...

LOL...that's why I told you about my cheap-er stroller :) I'm glad that you have more confidence in buying :)

I hope you have a fast weekend at work :)

Jessica said...

Well, yeah, ok. They're not cheap. And you can definitely buy cheaper ones. But do yourself a favor and really read up on reviews before you buy. The Baby Bargains message board. It's worth reading up on this stuff because it's a decent amount of money no matter which you choose. You don't want to end up buying one that doesn't last or doesn't work well for your needs, only to have to turn around and spend more money on a second one.

I bought our Peg P3 at It was the previous year's model, which was on sale as they were being discontinued. We used it quite a bit. We don't go to malls often, but it was handy when we did. Neighborhood walks, Disney, other outdoor activities (that aren't playgrounds) like the zoo, etc. Now we have a double for Drew and Sophie, and I find we're using it more than we used the single because you can't put two babies in a grocery cart.


L & D said...

I just bought one at a tag sale for $10. It is in great condition and a model of a nice one from a few years ago. I'm also a bit frugal.

(I'm slowly buying stuff now too, trying to convince myself that this won't jinx me either)

Our Family of 5 said...

laughing! Too funny! Your post brought a huge smile to my face!


Tam, the Chicco was about $85 when we bought it this winter. Not cheap (compared to a small umbrella) but not super expensive either. You might also want to check eBay -- I bought my double jogging stroller for almost $200 off the retail price (then paid $75 for shipping, but still). Also check to see if you have a Craig's list or yahoo!group in your area that sells used items (there are 5 alone in our local area, and we're not metropolitan by any stretch). Hope that helps. Glad to hear your starting to have fun buying things for your beautiful boy!

Pug Mom said...

Just been going through your old posts, and wow! I'm really interested in adoption, and until now I could only imagine what parents went through with the whole process. I'm delighted you've found such an adorable boy, and I hope you don't freak out too much with the whole buying-stuff-for-baby. :) It can be daunting - I've got a friend who's nearly had anxiety attacks planning what to get for her baby. But she's a worrywart. Anyway, take care and good luck with everything!

kristi said...

Well, I loved my cheap umbrella stroller from Wal Mart. I think it was like $15.